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5 Benefits of Using Telematics for Trucking Fleet Management

Telematics technology has received a lot of attention within the trucking industry during the recent past. That’s mainly because Telematics can provide advanced and efficient trucking fleet management capabilities for the people. Hence, both drivers and customers will be able to end up with enhanced satisfaction. It would also boost the profit margins of the business in the long run.

Below mentioned are 5 of the most prominent benefits that can be experienced with the usage of Telematics for trucking fleet management. If you are impressed, you will be able to go ahead and introduce this technology to your business and experience all benefits that come on your way.

1- Telematics can improve business efficiency

Telematics has got the ability to give life to real-time communications. When such effective communications are coupled along with routing apps, the drivers can be directed accordingly to stay away from road delays. On the other hand, it is possible to keep them on high priority roads as well. Sometimes this may help the drivers to save only a couple of minutes per day. But in the long run, it can contribute towards the overall efficiency of fleet utilization.

Telematics can also improve the efficiency of the drivers indirectly by boosting job satisfaction. When the drivers have access to electronic logs, they will be able to get better control over the day to day routines. This would ensure job satisfaction in the long run. Hence, the overall business efficiency would increase.

The drivers have a clear understand on how many remaining hours that they have to work. As a result, they will be able to collaborate with the dispatches in a more efficient manner. Hence, all customer requirements can be fulfilled efficiently.

2- Telematics can promote safety and security

When Telematics technology is implemented, the drivers know that they are being monitored at all times. As a result, they will tend to stick to the regulatory standards and the rules that are implemented by the company. This can minimize the number of accidents that take place on the road. On the other hand, the number of damaged vehicles and freight can also be reduced effectively.

The level of security offered by Telematics is impressive as well. With these solutions, there is a possibility to store both personal and company data on mobile devices. Therefore, a secure container would be created for data and business applications. The drivers will be able to use the tablets issued by the company for their communication and entertainment purposes. They will be able to do it without compromising the overall security of the business. Due to this reason, most of the trucking companies tend to purchase Telematics devices such as Eld Devides by JJ Keller.

3- Telematics can deliver better working conditions for the drivers

Another impressive benefit linked with Telematics is that it is in a position to deliver better working conditions for the drivers. Due to the availability of electronic logs, the drivers will be able to have better control over the day to day routines. This can ensure job satisfaction than any other factor. On the other hand, the drivers will be able to work efficiently with the dispatches as well.

A superior experience will be offered to the drivers as well, along with a bunch of entertainment capabilities. For example, the drivers will be able to go ahead and take part in intracompany gamification initiatives. With that, they will be able to incentivize the driving efficiencies in an effective manner. On the other hand, the drivers will be able to go ahead and come up with reward systems to appreciate the drivers who have achieved their safety goals and exceeded the target efficiency levels. They can motivate the drivers and make them feel satisfied of what they do.

The drivers will also be able to use the devices when they are not working to chat with their loved ones, play games and even enjoy movies. This can provide an excellent assistance to the drivers with staying connected with their loved ones when they go on long journeys. The drivers will also be able to manage daily connections along with their managers.

4- Telematics can streamline compliance

According to the statistical information collected in 2014, it has been identified that around 50% of the drivers tend to engage with out of service violations. This is not a small figure to ignore. Hence, it becomes important to comply along with the Federal Electronic Logging Device mandate. That’s where Telematics can help you with. You will be able to provide an excellent opportunity for the drivers to input data to a simple form instantly, which contains all essential information. Hence, you will be able to streamline compliance with minimum hassle.

5- Telematics can optimize the performance of vehicles

Finally, Telematics has got the ability to optimize the performance of vehicles that you have under your fleet. For example, the vehicle sensors are in a position to notify the drivers about the problems that arise in the engines. On the other hand, the drivers will be able to stay updated about the vehicle maintenance as well. The vehicle data cache can provide a tremendous assistance to the companies when they are working on the fleet replacement and fleet overhaul planning.

The alerts for vehicle repairs can also be scheduled and you will be able to make sure that vehicles don’t give life to any unexpected problems. This can keep the trucks away from ending up with failures.


As you can see, Telematics are in a position to deliver a variety of benefits for the trucking fleet management businesses. You just need to get your hands on reliable Telematics devices, such as eld devices by jj keller to experience all those benefits in the long run.

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