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5 Things You Should Look for in a Resume

If you want to get hired fast, then writing a good resume is pretty much mandatory. You want to make sure that you always use the best resume tips to write a good, concise and appealing resume. But even so, there are things you can miss. Recruiters on the other hand know exactly what to look. Here are some of the things that recruiters focus on when they see a resume.

Previous experience

Yes, this is one of the most important aspects of the business world. Previous experience is always important and it matters more than ever before. You have to realize that candidates with lots of experience in a field are always preferred. There are obviously things that can shift things towards another candidate. But if you have lots of experience already, then it’s easy to see why you would become the most important option. That’s because you get to deliver more value for the money based on the experience. Some companies also check the experience outside their industry, because there are times when such a thing is needed.

Concise, professional, grammatically correct content

The way you present yourself in a resume is very important. Companies want to see a very professional and impressive resume without mistakes. The last things they want to see are grammar and spelling problems. This shows you just rushed the resume creation process and that definitely makes it seem that you don’t take things seriously.


What a lot of recruiters want is the type of person that will not go for another job in a few months. They will look at how much time you spend at the other jobs and they do prefer stable persons that don’t shift their jobs all the time.

Hard facts

Some people just add fluff content to the resume without really showing specific results. Obviously those persons that share hard facts are better and more appealing to recruiters. You get to see exactly how that person works, what results they provided and so on. And people will latch on to that.

Red flags

Things like “references available upon request” is a clear indication that something was wrong with some of the previous jobs. They might have been laid off or they don’t have a good connection with the previous workplace. That will surely get you thinking about potential problems.

As you can see, creating a resume that’s appealing to recruiters is always a really good idea. Of course, recruiters know exactly what they want and where to look. Even if it does end up taking a bit of time to find the right system and approach, it will totally be worth it. Granted, it’s never easy to achieve the results and success you always wanted, but the ROI on its own can be huge and that’s the thing you really need. Recruiters will have hundreds of resumes to go through. So they want to make sure that they achieve great results all the time. Just consider all the options and the experience as a whole will be very good.

Umar Bajwa
Umar Bajwa
Umar Bajwa is a digital marketer by profession and a blogger by passion. He thrives on staying updated on topics related to the Business, Finance and HR realm.
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