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Discover Different Types Of Portable Trade Show Booths You Can Use

Participating in trade shows and exhibitions are profitable to connect with other professionals, stand out among the competition and win new customers. That is why it is important to know about different types of portable trade show booths are there in the market and choose the one that best suits your company. Although your choice will depend on the philosophy and corporate image, you must take into account the following models to be able to optimize the booth functions.

Each model is a success factor in a booth, irrespective of the size of your business. It should not be forgotten that there are three fundamental models to include in a booth.

The floor: Not only helps give a sense of ownership but also helps to improve the concentration of your visitors to your products and services.

Lighting: It performs three fundamental functions in a stand: Safety, visibility, and presentation of the products.

Technology: It is very important in the booth since the visitors stay in these sites in an average of ten minutes, for this reason, the exhibitors can use the technology to expedite the dissemination of the information.

For the promotion and marketing of your company, there are various types of stands, such as customized exhibition modules, deposit regimes and different pop-up sizes and flag stand. Below is a brief description of the options you can have.

  • Banner Booths – These are compact, easy to carry and are perfect for reuse. For a point of sale, you will find banner ideal choice and are a great promotional tool as well. They are accessible and come in different designs.
  • Pop up Booths– These types of Booths are best suited for presentations, exhibitions or conferences. They come in a wide range of styles and designs. These are lightweight and the construction is very simple, as its name suggests.
  • Exhibition Stands – These booths are tailor-made modular solutions for a company, which come in different styles and designs. The price of these supports and styles vary greatly. Some of these positions are expensive, stylish and impressive, many companies spend their budget on these booths.
  • Literature Exhibitors – These are characterized by their name, are used to display literature in exhibitions and conferences. These types of booths can come in different styles and sizes, sometimes in different pocket sizes. They are easy to carry and show more professionalism. These stands usually use the headlines of the literature that are removable and reusable because they are strong and elastic. As they are foldable they are easy to pack and dismantle.
  • Modular system: These types of stands combine aluminum structures and plastic panels. Although they are versatile and easy to assemble, they are not the most appropriate to differentiate us with an original proposal, such as the free design stand. They are often small in size and are more commonly used in book or craft fairs.

The important thing is to find the alternative that best suits the communication and branding needs of your company. Thus, you will save time and costs and you will obtain profitability with your presence in all type of trade shows and exhibitions.

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