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Franchise for Recruitment Agency in India


Every individual in the society when enter into professional life he/she must go through the process of recruitment and selection. For the better future and survival in this fast growing world it is necessary to be the part of any organization to make bright career. The most interesting thing is that, recruitment and selection process of new employees is much important for the company or any organization. The process of recruitment and the recruitment franchise is carried by HR department to have the best and talented people on your part.


The recruitment process is preceded by advertising and provides an opportunity to the people to show their talent. In this particular process the managers and advisory board recommends the like minded people for achieving the better results in an organization. Moreover the role of managers and HR department cannot be neglected in the process, as they are the goal setters and providing a path to achieve the settle goals.

If the process of the recruitment and the Recruitment franchisfranchise for recruitment agency in india is taken in accordance with the company/organizational policies, then there is more chance to have the right people for the right job. It is also necessary to have the standards of human psychology and also the work psychology during the recruitment/selection process. The work psychology is important in this regard because in any organization you must be dealing with the people or audience. So when you are dealing with the people according to the organizational policies, it is important that you must have the qualities like humbleness, willpower togetherness, enthusiasm simplicity and valuing your culture and tradition. All these abilities are on board while an organization is recruiting the fresh people.

On the other hand if an organizational HR or advisory board fails in the recruitment and selection process, then there is change that organization may lack its effectiveness. There will be a chance that manager or HR will never get the positive response as well as the organizational strategies will be dealt unfairly. As it is obvious form our society that every organization offers a good deal to its employees to get the required results. So in the process of recruitment and selection, it is also required to offer a good attractive deal to utilize the abilities of the employees.


The last stage of the recruitment and selection is the selection process. Selection process includes the systemic way of interviewing the candidates. Interview of the candidates is carried through the set of the questions. The questions are purely designed on the basis of the job requirement. According to these set of questions a standard is made for every individual and provides an opportunity to prove him/her fit for the opportunity. Shortly the effective process of the recruitment and selection may lead an organization to achieve its goals with high success rates. But the question on validity and reliability of this system remains. Maximum output in an organizational structure is to maintain its credibility. Moreover the reliability of this process includes the re-test and re assessments in the selection procedure.

When the selection procedure is carried out the re tests are of essential importance because it validates the system policies as well as the recruitment and selection process. The factor of consistency is also of the great importance in this process. The consistency in every process of organizational work is necessary it shows a kind of professionalism and sense of assessment. This will reduce the possibility of error in any work procedure of an organization.

Moreover the validity of the recruitment and selection anchor process may be maintained through the skill full interview procedure. One of the important things that can never be neglected in the recruitment process is the cost of the recruitment. The cost of the recruitment includes the time of manager and the management team which is utilized during this process.

As the manager cannot do the jobs provided to him/her by the organization. So he/she has to completely devote him/herself to recruitment and selection procedure. The process must be clear, simple, precise and short. So that in a limited time span there must be an effective outcome. Moreover another important thing in this process is to select a person or candidate in the best interest of the organization who can face the changing and challenging circumstances in working jurisdiction

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