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Credit Repair 101: Key Things To Consider When Getting A Credit Card With Bad Credit

Credit cards are temptations for frequent shoppers, jet-setters, foodies, and those who splurge on luxury items. They work in order to instantly pay for certain goods even when you do not have cash ready to hand over to the cashier. They may instantly book airfare tickets, book hotels, and even buy brand new cars.

Applying for credit cards is almost accessible for all as long as you are already within the legal age. While many business experts are cautious about recommended them for their friends and customers because of the debt and payment that come along the way, several people are courageous enough to spend on credit.

Getting A Card With Low Credit Rating?

But what if you have low credit scores? Can your credit rating affect the way your cards will be approved? The answer is a big yes.

  • Credit scores are used by financial institutions, more so than lenders and loan companies, in order to gauge their trust upon your payment habits.
  • When you have lower ratings, it will be more difficult for you to get your credit cards approved but these are not directly related to denial. In conclusion, you can still own a credit card even with bad scores.

Issuers of these kinds of cards will often require you to sign up for a checking account under their banks and provide proof of income that goes within the required amount.

  • Credit scores are ratings taken in three-digit numbers. Bad credit is the translation for scores between 300 and 650. Most of them time, issuers will be strict to clients who possess these scores.
  • However, it is also true that some companies may be generous enough to grant approval even for customers with scores between 550 and 650.

Key Considerations And Tips

Here are some of the most essential things that you should know so you can still obtain credit cards with those bad credit scores.

#1. Be Aware Of Your Credit Rating

Your credit rating is based on payment history, payments you owe, credit transaction history, kinds of credit, and ventures for new credit. You should take note of these factors in order to assess which of these contribute to your having a good or a bad score.

  • The first line of defense that you can have against issuers that may scrutinize your financial habits is through knowing your credit score. Knowing your rating will help you be aware of where you stand and consequently, guide you through improving this score.
  • Awareness can also become your snooze button when it is time to high a company that can help you with your needs, or credit repair firms click for more info.

#2. Compare Credit Card Features

As you go shopping for the perfect card for your spending needs, it will also help if you compare these based on their features. Such features include interest rates, hidden charges, terms and benefits. Be sure that you are able to speak to the issuer and ask questions about things that are unclear to you.

#3. Be Responsible: Pay On Time And Avoid Splurging

These constitute some of the basic rules to avoid further bad credit scores. Once you are on your way toward getting your credit card, you still have to be responsible about your spending.

  • Remember that these cards are present to “loan” you some cash but you are bound to pay them in the future.
  • Having said this, you also have to pay them on time. This improves your credit score. But what if you ask, paying them right but not on time? Making a late payment will also be reflected on your credit history.

#4. Seek Knowledge On Which Cards Are Suited For You

Several banking institutions offer credit cards depending on your needs. There are packages that are suited for parents, for young professionals, and even for students. Once you are aware of your credit scores, you will be taken toward knowing which cards are suited for you. Since having a bad credit rating does not ultimately mean disapproval, there are several credit cards that you should look out for. Here are some of them:

  • The Total Visa® credit card is a very popular package that requires no security deposit but can offer the features of a full-service card under this company. It only requires you to have a checking account that is valid and only constitutes a low-priced application charge.
  • You may also check out Milestone® Gold Mastercard® for those with poor credit scores. Just like the Total Visa® card, they may offer all the benefits that a Mastercard Gold cardholder can enjoy.
  • Some of those challenged with credit scores check out the CreditOne Bank® Unsecured Platinum Visa® which does not require a deposit and can even let you earn money back guarantees on some purchases.


There are several other credit cards that seem to have been designed for people who are still trying to build up their credit scores. Be courageous enough to ask around and you can enjoy all the benefits that a person with a good credit enjoys.

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