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The Challenges of Being a Freelancer: 4 Ways to Keep Track of Deadlines

For most people, the word “freelancer” conjures images of a person on the beach relaxing with a pina colada. Unfortunately, at least in most cases, the reality is far different from the image.

Freelancing does have its perks, but the reality is, more often than not, a hard-scrambled existence where deadlines are constantly mounting and time is continually in short supply. This makes things like a good notes app and other tools imperative to keeping ahead of the game. This article will serve as an introduction to five ways to keep track of deadlines.

Keep a Calendar

Freelancers usually have such disparate responsibilities to so many different people and clients that a calendar is an absolute necessity. If you can’t tolerate the thought of carrying a calendar nearly everywhere you go, find another way to record all of your commitments and deadlines.

After a freelancer has a calendar, they should use it to record virtually everything they have to do. This includes work deadlines, personal deadlines, and everything else. A freelancer should have one central source to find out what they need to do and by when.

Understand Assignments

Too often, freelancers believe they understand an assignment’s parameters only to find, immediately before the deadline, that they don’t and need additional time to complete a project. Accurately estimating how long an assignment will take to complete is gained with experience. Before accepting any work, be sure to know what is required and how much time it will take to complete a project.

Use Technology

Having too much technology can be not only confusing but a hassle as well. Fortunately, when used wisely, technology can be priceless for keeping tabs on virtually any type of information needed for freelancing. That’s why a good one such as Evernote is such a value. It’s not only flexible to keep track of almost anything, but almost anything can be recorded and referred to when needed.

Further, since the app is cloud-based, a freelancer doesn’t need to be at their own computer or even with a mobile device to find the information they need. Perhaps best of all, many of these apps and devices will notify you when time is running short.

Be Reasonable with Deadlines

Simply said, don’t let your mouth overload your back. It might sound funny to say it, but some freelancers often take on too much work and leave themselves too little time to get it all done. Then, when deadlines loom, they start to miss them and end up looking less than professional. This is when setting achievable deadlines is the answer.

Many freelancers have the attitude that they will take anything they are offered and not worry about how long it will take to get done. After all, they reason, they don’t want to turn anything away for fear that the work will be lost.

For those who choose freelancing as a way of life, it’s a great way to make a living, but it’s something that requires discipline and fortitude. Fortunately, when you can use the right tools to master time and the project that needs to be completed, freelancing can be not only financially rewarding but fun as well. Isn’t that the reason anyone is a freelancer?

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