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The Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses for the Modern-day Marketer

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a successful digital marketer? Well, we often receive answers such as “reading a book per day, listening to entrepreneurs or spending time in the organizations…” but what if we knew we didn’t need old-fashioned solutions?

There is no denying that experience can help us learn a greater extent of traditional marketing applications. But when it comes to the dynamic nature of the businesses today, the traditional marketing tactics and reaching digitally to a larger portion of prospects are totally different. And if you’re one of them who needs to stay competitive in today’s world, you’ve got to hone your digital marketing skills on the cutting-edge.

Today, the businesses have taken a spur of the moment shift from traditional to digital. We hear about innovative technology and latest devices every week, which “fortunately” can be turned into reaching a wide target audience and reaping greater ROI. All it requires is a well-structured set of action plans that include analytics, content writing, creative direction, digital media, and more.

In the field of digital marketing, we need a quick and effective way to keep ourselves as per the changing trends. Therefore, I’m writing down the top 5 digital-marketing courses to become an effective digital marketer.

Full-Stack Digital Marketer Master-Program by Simplilearn

Honestly, this is the best online digital course I’ve ever come across, as the whole course is designed in a way that it helps you the grasp the core knowledge of digital marketing through professional suggest learning platforms.

The Program offers:

  • An introduction to Digital Marketing & project related tasks
  • Top 9 skill development courses related to current marketing tactics
  • A once-a-month consultancy sessions by industry experts
  • A specific program to Android and iOS operating system and their usability.
  • A top-notch Master’s Program certificate by Simplilearn.

Isn’t it great? Well, of course, it is, as you can begin with an introductory digital marketing course that offers learners with a complete knowledge of digital marketing.

Digital-Marketing Expert’s Pass by Market-Motive

A powerful digital-marketing program, founded in 2007 by the pioneers of online digital marketing training. They are offering a course that is recommended by leading companies and licensed by top universities. Not only they offer you 200 hours of online marketing tips and techniques, but also you can get to learn organic and inorganic marketing, analytics, PPC, social, mobile, and email marketing.

The program is composed with:

  • 200+ hours of online marketing training
  • A precise digital marketing session by the best Silicon Valley faculty
  • A distinctive approach to learn modern- day digital marketing techniques
  • A course that covers the essential digital marketing elements such as social, Analytics, PPC, Mobile and SEO
  • An access to the professional forum, where learners can have their questions answered by leading-edge marketers like Brad Geddes and Avinash Kaushik.

Without a doubt, the Expert’s Pass by Market-Motive course is designed for students/learners at all skill levels, irrespective of the level of experience.

A Specialization in Digital Marketing by Coursera

A certification program of Digital Marketing Specialization where you are presented with a 360 digital marketing world. The course will cover SEO, paid marketing; each training takes you up to minimum 40 hours to complete.

This incredible course includes:

  • A comprehensive digital-marketing training
  • An analytical course for experienced professionals
  • A broad view of marketing mediums implemented today
  • A Capstone project

Frankly, the whole course is designed particularly for beginners, however, it offers an open availability to learn, without any expert direction, making it a challenging course for self-learners.

Digital Marketing Modules by AMA (a Certificate Program)

Good news to those who are too busy with their schedules, this course is the best option for them; it offers a series of short courses for core marketing tips techniques that cover SMM, SMO, Email Marketing, Analytics, and Mobile Marketing.

Certificate Modules by AMA include:

  • A collaborative Digital E-learning course with a modern marketing case studies
  • A quiz composed of top ten marketing domain questions

AMA’s modules are devised for beginners as well as experienced marketers from different industries at all levels.

A comprehensive Marketing Lectures by

Believe me, if you’re among those who seek to learn something new, then, Marketing lectures (Training + Tutorials) is the best platform you can ever come across. A totally unstructured course that, however, doesn’t offer any certification, but is the finest platform for learning digital marketing tips and applications for beginners and experienced professionals.

It includes:

  • Training videos for online marketing
  • A 360 marketing guide for offline use
  • Some tutorials & transcripts with each course.

What’s new about is its video tutorials; it offers a learning platform for those who seek to be a cult digital marketing pundits in the modern-day marketing realm. 

To Sum Up

Regardless of where you’re standing at the moment, whether you are in search of a quick start to implement marketing objectives or you want a complete deep-dive into exceptional digital marketing topics; these top five online marketing courses are recommended for you. By choosing any of the above Digital Marketing courses, you can instantly heighten your marketing expertise and help yourself prepared to master the top digital marketing techniques with a cutting-edge attitude.

Nancy Lamas
Nancy Lamas
Nancy Lamas is working at well-known Digital Marketing Company in Singapore who is concerned to provide digital marketing tips & solutions for beginners and industry experts as well. As she understands that the new channels and strategies are bombarding the business world every day; the competition has grown beyond the limits, making it highly important to keep a flow with all the latest social media, content strategies, technologies, and so on, she has been writing about the core issues regarding digital trends and has been providing the solutions.
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