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Top 5 Recommendations to Improve Employee Satisfaction Survey

Having conducted an employee satisfaction survey, your results might be positive or negative depending on the skills, experience, and talent the employee possesses. Your main focus is to identify employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction; however, you might have sent the wrong message to the employee.

Also, the employee might have misinterpreted the right message from your point of view into a wrong one. This hassle calls for a solution and that is why we made some recommendations which have stated below to improve employee satisfaction survey.

1- One of the top recommendations that have been selected to improve the process of employee satisfaction survey is having a group of knowledgeable employees to prepare the survey.

This survey needs to be developed solely by authentic professionals who know how to obtain unbiased information in order to set questions; they should also have the full capacity to administer communication skills in their survey with effective analysis.

Trust, honesty, and integrity should be obtained from the survey. Therefore, the organizers need more attention to communicate their points effectively. The survey they’ve gathered should always interpret the fact that employee responses are confidential and its usage is only to improve the workplace.

2- Our second recommendation is to unfeignedly understand what exactly is on their employees’ minds.

Some employers have differing motivations, while so many others are employee-oriented they motivate them well, they also make sure not to use the information gathered negatively.If you start your survey with an open mindset, employees will learn to trust you as their true employer, with this, they understand that the information obtained is in their best interests.

It must be clear to the employee that this process is confidential and progress can only be achieved if they assist the company.

3- Hold Employee Survey Processes at Your Work Site

This recommendation is very relevant, as it is of great impact on employee satisfaction survey. Whenever a company survey is held outside the worksite, the employee gets another message. It is obvious to them that the information you gathered is not safe and this will obviously dissatisfy them.

4- Do Not Lose Control of Your Data

Anytime you conduct an employee satisfaction survey, make sure you have full access to the data you’ve obtained.This easy access to the data will help you understand various employee opinions. and your assessment of employee satisfaction will be considered thoroughly. There would be easy accessibility especially in the area of correlation analysis and group data analysis such as bar charts and graphs.

5- Do Not Allow Employees to Self-Select for Participation in Surveys

In the process of allowing self-selection, you’ll find out that only the less satisfied or very satisfied employees sign up for the survey satisfaction process.

In any case, it might also be the more communicative employees (these set of employees feels very comfortable while expressing their opinions) that will sign up; while the less communicative employee guarantees to be unrepresented.


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