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Top Benefits of Hosting Your Outbound SMTP Relay Server with a Provider

Email is a common and widely used source of communication over the internet. When you talk about email in a web hosting surrounding it is just progressing day by day. A lot has been discussed about SMTP relay services wherein the service provider guarantees successful delivery of emails to the recipient.

There are many email receivers who monitor the spam sources constantly. There are many complications that you may face while you are involved in sending out bulk emails. Now, the things have become easier and you don’t have to handle any complexities when you use a hosted outbound SMTP relay services with a provider.

How SMTP relay service providers actually work?

A provider who offers SMTP relay services would help you assess the emails been transmitted from your servers, check for spam and block it. Original mail is sent via hundreds of controlled IP addresses for which you need not worry as they are controlled by anti-spam masters.

The provider follows the best practices to ensure security for outgoing emails that follow the strict rules of blacklist operators as well as email receivers.

Excellent email transfer

The SMTP relay service provider will implement the relevant practices to ensure excellent delivery of emails automatically. The experts are efficient in technology and apply the right technique to find the spammers through their behaviour that is why they easily control the spam email to spoil the IP address reputation.

Provide tools for the customers to enhance their security

The SMTP relay service provider also offers tools to enable their customers to enhance their security. They inform you when a particular script, user is affected by spammers and supply a webhook API that helps you stop the spammer automatically from your end.

Tools that help you get the actual picture of network

It can be quite annoying to monitor and resolve the issues related to email delivery and it is quite time consuming too. There are many complexities that can arise in the process. In order to stay away from the complexities you need SMTP relay service provider to help you resolve such issues as they track and resolve the issues using relevant tools.

High speed search

The high speed search allows you to trace out email delivery that is tried to send out of the network you own. The provider works towards indexing all possible data points that is attached to every message delivery so that you can search using recipient address elements, keywords related to subject line and by date. These are some parameters that refine your search better.

Real time reporting

The real time reporting provided by the SMTP relay service provider help you look at IP addresses, apps and users that have created higher volume of email, spam or rejected email on your network. The report features helps you keep a track of customers who general high volume or the ones contribute to email traffic with issues.

Eliminate complications from email delivery

When you choose an email delivery service provider they certainly focus on RBL listings and IP addresses. These complicated things are then taken care of by the provider.

Amazing infrastructure

Many reputed SMTP relay service providers have a huge network of clients and they offer high reliability in email delivery through amazing set up. They maintain a transparent SMTP connection with transparent up time that you can view by visiting their website.

 24 X 7 customer support

The SMTP relay service providers offer 24 X 7 incredible customer support wherein your email query is answered within minutes at any time during the day or night.

Outbound email is what these services focus on and thus offer unmatched email delivery and spammer detection through their SMTP server.

You will be stress free as you know that your IP address is protected from getting blacklisted. Of course your business will grow and you will have a network of happy customers.

Can easily send emails in tough situations

When you choose a SMTP relay service provider, they will help you send emails in tough situations too. Yes, controlling the process of email delivery on your own can be quite difficult as you need to control your IP reputation in the process. Apart from IP reputation you need to take care of DKIM keys, DNS and malware issues too. With a reliable SMTP relay service you don’t have to worry about handing challenging situations. They will provide a well controlled environment that follows a set of strict policies and guidelines to protect the sender’s reputation.

They aim to deliver your email to the recipient’s inbox without being blocked or delivered to spam.

With the help of outbound SMTP you can easily accelerate the email delivery while the provider handles the technical issues at the back end.

Get what you need

The provider would give you everything you need to have a successful email delivery. You can also get different search parameters where you can search using different keywords and get the accurate results faster than you could imagine.


Your business can reach new heights if you are willing to hire a provider for SMTP relay services and you can visit to find the reliable services. As a business owner you send hundreds of emails a day and you know how important they are for your business. With SMTP relay services you don’t have to worry about whether your emails are delivered to the recipient or not as the provider takes care of everything. You just need to send out emails and focus on business. When your emails are delivered to the end client, you start getting feedback from clients and your business gets new clients.

The SMTP relay service is certainly helpful to make your promotional campaigns and email marketing successful. You simply cannot ignore the importance of email delivery when it comes to expanding business. The world of online marketing is growing and email marketing is a campaign that is useful for your business.

Umar Bajwa
Umar Bajwa
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