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Towards Entrepreneurship: 15 Profitable Business Ideas Based on Printing

Ready to quit the job and work from home? Printing businesses offer many ways to work from home and earn a living, but choosing the right type of printing business is important. Check out these ideas to see if any might work well for you.

Create Transcripts

Look around for businesses that might need a video or meeting transcribed. Then, browse at Filmsource to get the supplies you need to bind each transcript in a professional way to provide the businesses with a finished transcript.

Create Training Manuals for Businesses

Many businesses need training manuals for new employees or for learning to use specific equipment, but they may not have the time or skill to create them on their own. Offer to create a training manual for them.

Print Greeting Cards

Create artwork with short sayings to make unique greeting cards. Then, start a small business selling these greeting cards so you can make money from your art.

Create Signs and Banners

Businesses often need large signs or banners to announce store openings, sales, and more. Start creating custom banners for businesses to purchase for their needs.

Start a Poster Printing Business

If you have design knowledge, start a poster printing business. Ideas for this include posters for kids’ rooms, inspirational posters, or informational posters that might be displayed in business.

Print Leaflets and Flyers for Local Businesses

Businesses need to let customers know about sales, so offer a leaflet and flyer printing business. This could lead to a significant source of income, as businesses always need these types of materials.

Printed Shopping Bags

Reusable shopping bags are more popular than ever before, but the plain ones normally used can be boring. Instead, offer custom-printed shopping bags to customers and businesses.

Printed Shirts

Printed t-shirts are always in demand. Print your own designs or offer custom-printed shirts using your customer’s designs.

Printed Coffee Mugs

Most people enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning and might love a coffee cup that includes a custom image or saying. Try selling customized coffee cups in a variety of sizes and styles.

Create Calendars

Despite cell phones having a calendar built-in, printed calendars are still in demand. Try offering calendar printing services to non-profits and small businesses in the local area.

Printed Photos and Art

If you love taking photos, try printing and framing the photos, then selling them online, in craft shows, or in a small storefront. People love purchasing unique photo prints for their home or business.

Create Custom Buttons

Both small and large buttons can be a lot of fun to make and sell. Try creating buttons to sell as promo items to businesses or non-profits in the local area.

Design Magnets

Use custom designs to create magnets for vehicles or home use. Magnets can have fun designs customers love or logos so businesses can use them for giveaways to bring in more customers.

3D Print Objects to Sell

With the boost in 3D printing technology, this has become something that could be used to create a small business. Check out different items that can be created with a 3D printer and sold.

Self-Publish a Book

If you enjoy writing books, try self-publishing a book or two and selling them in local bookstores, online, or at craft shows. This could be a big hit, especially if your book generates a lot of local interest.

If you’re ready to start a business, think about the different options for a printing business today. Startup costs in most cases are low, so you can launch your own business and start making money right away.

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