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Types of Videos Businesses Can Create Using Screen Recording

Screen recording has the potential to be an extremely useful tool for businesses to create content. But in order to take full advantage of that potential, you need to explore the types of videos that it can create fully.

In particular, there are several types of videos that businesses can use screen recording to create:

How-to guides and tutorials

The most common type of video created with screen recording would have to be how-to guides and tutorial videos. Because screen recording can capture videos of software and other digital products, it is the perfect way for you to create tutorials involving anything on a computer (or mobile device).

It should be noted that this type of video can be produced not only as content for consumers but also internal training videos to help staff learn the ropes.

Video interviews

Conventional face-to-face interviews can be difficult to set up, and logistically-challenging to record. However, screen recording can supply a far more convenient alternative: Conduct and record the video interview via a video call.

The main challenge with recording this type of video is ensuring the quality of the video call (on both ends) is good. If you’re able to do that, however, it can make for a very compelling piece of content by interviewing experts and authority figures in your industry.

Comparison videos

If you want to compare two digital products side by side, screen recording will let you capture the footage that you need to make it happen. In fact, you could even record it in a single take on the same screen – but it may be easier to record each product separately.

With actual video footage of the digital product, you’ll be able to more clearly show the differences between them.

Product demonstrations or reviews

For digital products, there is no better way to demonstrate what they can do than to record footage of the product itself. The same applies to reviews as well, where you can use screen recording to record footage of each feature and the various advantages or disadvantages of the product.

Over the years businesses have started to use demonstration videos more frequently as part of product listings, and you should consider doing the same. Reviews, on the other hand, make for an invaluable type of content for your audience – but are best if they are unbiased and not about direct competitors.

‘Fair use’ videos

Another way that screen recording is often used is to help create videos under fair use guidelines. However if you do go down this route you should be careful, as videos that are created for commercial use or to promote products may not fall under the ‘fair use’ umbrella.

That being said if you are creating ‘fair use’ videos, screen recording can help facilitate it. For example, you could use Movavi Screen Recorder to save online streaming videos as material by following the steps at movavi.

By this point, you should be starting to see the many different ways in which screen recording can be used to create various types of business videos. Although you may not want to create all the types of videos listed above, odds are you will be able to benefit from creating some of them.

More importantly, the types of videos listed above should illustrate just how versatile screen recording can be at creating different types of content. In fact, as you start to use and explore its potential, you are likely to find various other types of videos that your business can create with its help.

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