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Use Employee Monitoring Software to Increase Productivity

Productivity is the most significant aspect of the businesses owing to its correlation with the income and profitability of the company. Globally, numerous tools and techniques have been experimented to monitor, retain and increase employee productivity of which employee monitoring is the one. According to the reports, almost 70% of employers monitor workforce to prevent them from engaging in unproductive activities. The technological advancement has provided new and automated ways to track the working hours of the employees and supervise them through video and audio tools. The employee monitoring software has made it convenient to track the online and offline activities of the workers to eliminate distractions and increase productivity. This article discusses how monitoring software helps to increase employee productivity.

Monitor Internet Use

In this digital age, you cannot imagine an office without access to the internet. While the internet helps to streamline business processes, the uncontrolled and unsupervised internet facility can cause your employees to misuse the company internet for personal and entertaining purposes. Ultimately, it makes companies suffer a productivity decline as well as financial loss. The employee monitoring software lets you figure out whether or not your work staff is using the internet for work-related purposes. You can remotely access their internet browsing details and detect where they are spending most of their working hours.

Eliminate Internet Distractions

The Internet is full of distractions. There are many things that can prevent your workers from focusing on their work such as social media, music, and video streaming sites and online games. The employee surveillance software enables you to restrict access to the distracting websites. You can block unwanted or objectionable websites to restrict workers from wasting their time surfing the internet.

Monitor Social Media

Social media monitoring enables you to keep tabs on workers’ social media activities. It lets you ensure that not any of your workers is bullying the co-workers and putting negative influence on their productivity. You can track Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype and other popular instant messengers to keep tabs on the workplace communication. Moreover, you can see what type of information your workers share on the online platform and ensure that the information is not against the company’s interests.

Monitor Surroundings

In many companies, security cameras are the main tool of employee surveillance. However, you cannot afford to put cameras on each worker. The cell phone monitoring software lets you control the cameras of the computer and mobile phone devices of the workers to closely watch out each of your workers’ performance. Similarly, you can listen to the conversations of each worker remotely turning on the microphone of their monitored devices. It helps you eliminate workplace gossips and unproductive discussions of workers.

Read Emails

Email is the commonly used tool for business communications but it can also be used for transmitting sensitive company data to wrong persons. You can monitor the emails exchanged by your workers to prevent them from sending inappropriate or sensitive information to unauthorized persons. Emails monitoring also provides the support for the phishing emails transmitted by the hackers.

Record Keystrokes

The employee surveillance software enables you to record the keystrokes applied to the keyboard of the computer and mobile phone devices of workers. You can record the keystrokes of usernames, passwords and email addresses and use these keylogs to log into the online accounts of your workers to discover the clues of misconduct.

Live Screen Recording

Screen recording is the most efficient way to detect whether your workers are busy playing Solitaire on their computers or doing the assigned work. You record almost everything that appears on the computer screen of your workers sending the command of screen recording to be executed in real time or in near future.

Monitor Remote Workforce

The GPS location tracking feature of the employee tracking software lets you monitor the remote workforce including the sales and marketing teams. You can see their current locations as well as the earlier trips. It also lets you detect whether they are on company assigned visit or personal. The surround monitoring feature lets you spy on the surroundings of your remote workers.

The Bottom Line

The employee monitoring software offers myriad tools to monitor and increase the employee productivity. However, picking the right monitoring software is the key. Whatever software you choose to give a push to the productivity of your workforce, make sure it provides you the above-mentioned features.

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