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Why Flexible Packaging Printing is the Best for Your Product?

A trip to the supermarket shows us that here is a surplus amount of food products flooding the aisles. In this rat race of selling more of their goods, manufacturers have to invest huge amounts of money into advertising and marketing strategies. The packaging is continuously tried to be designed in such a way that it appeals to the eyes of the customers. To achieve this, most manufacturers are looking towards flexible packaging.

Flexible packaging for your product is the best this market can offer. Their non-rigid packing structure ensures they can be tailored to fit the manufacturer’s needs. Companies looking for flexible and durable packaging for liquids can go for stand-up pouches. They are also perfect for snack packaging as they are compact (to carry around) and reseal-able owed to their zip-locking feature.

These food packages are eco-friendlier and produce less of a carbon footprint than regular plastic or glass jar packaging. According to a survey, “More than 26 truckloads of empty glass jars is required to transport equal amount of product while flexible pouches only take about one truckload.”  Their reusability guarantees that less consumer wastes end up in landfills. They release less greenhouse gases into the air and involve less energy consumption to create.

Moreover, customers say they are willing to pay more for flexible food packets since they are hassle-free to open, store and can be resealed. Packages are made airtight to avoid moisture spoiling the product. All these are the prerequisites for jerky packaging such as beef jerky pouches. This kind of packaging extends its shelf life offering protection from heat and moisture. Customer convenience thus makes the product sell more.

These pouches are made of high-grade materials which are FDA ratified. Several layers of plastic, aluminum, resin and other materials make up these custom-made pouches, which confirm the safeguard of your products.

Flexible pouches increase product charm by their appealing packaging. Colorful and vivacious logos can be printed on them using modern rotogravure printing techniques. Their easily shapeable quality makes for alluring containers for your product. According to another survey, 80 percent brand owners agree to the fact that packaging for their product affects brand value. It is obvious that flexible packaging is the go-to for all kinds of products.

97 percent of brand owners say they use flexible packaging and will continue to do so in the next five years, and we can see them reaping the benefits.

Now, the question remains, will you choose what is best for your product?

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