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10 Amazing Tips On How To Create Your Own Free Website

Do you want to create your own free website?

Not just businesses but even individuals today want to and are planning to create their own website. Internet and websites have truly changed how people learn, shop, reach out to individuals or even to brands, research and do many other everyday activities. Hence, it is not much hard to determine that most people would want to know how they can create their own free website because a free website is very much achievable today.

Many online website builders allow you to create your own free website using a free template and expand your opportunities. Even though they offer a user-friendly interface for all users, in this blog you will learn how you can use these free website builders to build your perfect website.

For more on this, here are 10 amazing tips to answer all your conscious and unconscious quires about how to create your own free website.

Have a clear goal for your website

Every individual and business makes their website with a distinguished goal and purpose. It is important to have a clear goal and purpose of your website when developing it, to ensure its success. However, when building your website with an incorporating or being clear of its goal, it is just like wasting your valuable resources.

Write your own website content

Before actually starting the process of designing and developing your website, it is very important that you at least have a coherent idea about what message you want to put out there on your website. Moreover, as the owner of the website, you should be as involved in the content creation process as possible because no one else will know better what they want their website to say and what brand image they want to build for their audience.

Utilize your website CTAs (call to action)

Your website CTAs give you a perfect opportunity to let your audience know what actions you want them to make, as subtly as possible. For example, if you want your audience to look through the latest additions to your online portfolio or subscribe to your monthly Newsletter, you can very clearly communicate this by consciously placing a CTA for it.

Draw some inspiration for your website

Your website globally represents you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and it plays a significant part in the brand image. Hence, make sure you have done your research and an idea or an inspiration of sorts, to give you an idea of how you want your website to look like to you and to your audience.

Look through the pre-designed website templates

The online free website builder allows you to build your free website using one of their pre-designed website templates. Most of them have a wide variety of options that are categorized according to the industries they cater to.

Make sure to thoroughly look at the template options your service provider offers and pick your website template that not only caters to your business scope or industry but that also compliments your website vision and purpose.

Give your website a face that your audience can relate to

A lot of customers prefer to buy from or associate with a real person rather than a big corporation. Hence, giving a face to your website, by adding the picture of the owner or team members, you can make it easy for your audience to trust you and make them feel heard and valued. Moreover, these images will also add to the credibility and authenticity of your website and your business.

Make contacting you as easy as possible

Every website, especially the ones built to represent a business, has a commercial purpose should very clearly provide their contact information. You want to your audience to visit your website and build a sense of trust for your brand. You can add your email address, phone number, social accounts, your actual physical address or all of the above.

Make your website elements simple for your audience

Making your website too complicated by including too many elements and too much content is not a good idea. When selecting your free website template or working on your visual or written content try to keep things as simple and easy to understand as possible.

Add valuable and relevant images

Making a visually strong website that captivates and grabs your audience’s attention is what everyone would want. However, it is important that the images, videos or other graphics you include in your website are relevant to your business and they complement the overall vide and look of your website. For example, you could add images of your team and photos of your workplace.

Make sure your website is responsive to all screen sizes

Today more and more internet users are using their mobile phone devices to browse online. Hence, make sure your website builder develops your website to be mobile-friendly and responsive on screens of all sizes. This will ensure all of your website visitors have unified experience.

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