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3 Best Nintendo Switch Power Banks for 2019

Nintendo Switch is an amazing device, but the challenge with it is that you never really know when it can run out of battery life. Sure, you can use it wired, but most of the time that can be an issue too. Which is why we encourage you to find some great Switch power banks and take them with you when needed. This way you can rest assured that the Nintendo Switch you own will have enough juice to play all those fun games you enjoy every time.

#1. Anker PowerCore+ 26800 Power Delivery Portable Charger

What we like about this power bank is that it has 26800 mAh. This is a lot of power, and that’s what you really need when you want to take your Switch outside and have fun with it. The unit lasts quite nicely, it delivers a tremendous value and quality, and the payoff alone is second to none all the time. people like this one because you get 5 times the Switch battery life, and that’s a lot of juice to get from a product like this. Not only that, but you can also power some other devices if you want with this.

They added 2 USB ports that you can use for charging other stuff, but they do come with a main USB type C that’s the fastest and main power delivery. The unit has a simple and rather seamless design, it works great and it comes with astounding capabilities. It’s definitely one of the best for the money, you can rest assured of that.

#2. Tronsmart Brio 20,100mAh Power Delivery Portable Charger

At around 20100 mAh you really get all you need and so much more. This is a comprehensive and very professional product, one that gives you amazing efficiency and value no matter the situation. The ability to charge your Switch fast is there, and the best part is that they are coming with portability too. It’s a wonderful tool to use if you need Nintendo Switch power banks, so check it out.

#3. iMuto 20,100mAh Power Delivery Portable Charger with Quick Charge

This has the same capacity as the unit above, but it does come with a faster-charging speed via the USB C port, and that is 45W when compared to 30W that the other units have. This actually works quite well and you can adapt it to your Switch lifestyle if you want. The product is designed to charge itself quite fast too, so you do receive plenty of value for the money anyways.

These Nintendo Switch power banks are reliable, professional and a pleasure to use. If you are very passionate about power banks for your Switch to prolong your gaming time, these are some of the best. We do believe these will make your Switch experience a lot better, since you don’t have to stop gaming anymore because you lack battery life. Try to use that as an advantage and get the best power bank as a failsafe, just in case you need it!

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