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3 Essential Tips for Video Marketing

Video marketing making it as an effective form of content marketing as blogging. Sophia Bernazzani from HubSpot said that video content is no longer an option: It’s a necessary component of any successful marketing strategy. Here let’s see some essential tips for video marketing you should never miss.

Make a great video

The first essential thing of video marketing should be a good video. Only you have a wondering and appealing video, you can go to the next step, marketing it. Then let’s see how to make a good video.

Tell a story

To make your video great, tell stories not the sale. Sharing ads would be actively annoying and repelling customers. You can have a call to action in your video by appealing to your potential customers’ needs and hidden desires. Tell them how your product will improve their life or help them solve their problems.

If you are afraid of losing leads, you can place a relevant call to action alongside a tracked URL at the end of your video. Make sure it is natural and practically useful to users. This rule concentrating on the value you’re providing for your customers for video marketing can also be applied for the written blog marketing.

The ideal video length

Since humans have short attention spans, you need to decide how long will be the best for your video. According to the research made by Wistia who have a plenty of data to draw from, looking at 564,710 videos, and more than 1.3 billion plays, two-minute videos will hold viewer’s attention and resonate well with the viewers. Thank to Wistia’s research, video marketers can get this amazing and actionable information for making their videos.

From this research, we can have a clear insight about the relation between the average video engagement and video length. A two-minute short and sweet video is a safe strategy to get maximum engagement of your viewers.

Great tool for making videos

If you are not familiar with PhotoShop, choose a simple to use video maker to move forward. There are many great tools for making video online easily such as PowToon, Animoto, Renderforest, Kizoa, FlexClip, etc. However, many of them are paid. Here I’d love talk about FlexClip video maker, one of new brands for making videos, movies, and sideshow presentations without any cost.

FlexClip is developed by PearlMountain Limited, who has been focusing on the research and development of Graphics & Multimedia software since 2006. FlexClip was release February this year. With this completely free and easy-to-use tool, anyone can create amazing videos and export them out with 1080p without quality lose.

Even if you have no technical skills, you can start your video with the professional video templates preset in FlexClip. Those stunning video templates will inspire you and get your own idea for your own video. Besides, FlexClip offers a large number of stock images, videos and musics. With its intuitive interface and clean storyboard, you can freely trim and split your video, add text animations, voiceovers, watermarks, and other elements to your video.

Platform for video marketing

It’s time to publish your video so that your audience can start viewing, sharing, and engaging with it. You have many options to submit your videos online, here I’ll list some of them.

  • YouTube – It can be the largest and the most popular video sharing platform in the world. It is said that people watch on YouTube for over five billion videos every single day. And everyone can upload videos to YouTube and optimize them for search for free.
  • Vimeo – Another popular platform is Vimeo. Vimeo offers several different options for premium account which suits businesses better. The premium accounts provide additional storage, advanced analytics, customer support, player customization, access to lead generation tools, and much more.
  • Facebook – On Facebook Watch, you can discover videos and original shows. With the price as low as $0.40 per click for e-commerce category on Facebook, ads on Facebook can be one of the cheapest across the Internet.

There are many more platforms for video sharing like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. You can choose them according to your target market and preferred campaign model.

Evaluate your strategy

It’s also very important to clarify your successes and failures, and to review your strategy regularly to ensure that your marketing strategy is up to date. When evaluate your video marketing strategy, you may use YouTube Analytics.

YouTube Analytics – It can collect the amount of time the video is viewed, how many users like it? What do users dislike about in the video? This is a good way to understand your video marketing results.

Video marketing is one of the ways of social media marketing. With the continuous growing users on Youtube, it will bring more benefits to the enterprise in the future network marketing.

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