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5 Tips to Choosing Cost-Effective Log Truck Insurance

Log truck insurance can be costly—that’s no secret. When you’re a small business, it can be one of your biggest expenses each month, and it’s been getting more and more expensive for many.

However, you can make a difference by choosing cost-effective commercial trucks insurance. There are plenty of ways to find more affordable insurance, and we’ve got five of them here. Keep reading to find out just how to get insurance that’s cost-effective!

  1. Go for Experienced Drivers

The more years of experience in driving log trucks your drivers have, the more cost-effective your insurance will be. It’s something that providers frequently look at when determining commercial truck insurance premiums.

As well as experience, age plays a part too. Drivers who are particularly young or old are more likely to be involved in accidents, so employing these drivers can lead to more expensive insurance. For cost-effective insurance, drivers aged from around thirty to the early-sixties are ideal.

  1. Put Safety Measures in Place

Ideally, you should put other safety features and measures into practice and regularly monitor and check safety. Even something as simple as warning stickers can be beneficial, while on a longer-term level you can look at safety training for drivers and company safety initiatives too.

While on the subject of safety, you should do your best to keep a clean DOT safety record too—this includes a safety rating, SafeStat and Inspection, violations, and more.

  1. Consider Driver History

As well as experience, the history of your drivers is also worth considering when getting cost-effective commercial trucks insurance. When a driver has a clean record, it can mean lower costs as insurance companies take the history into account.

As you might expect, violations, accidents, speeding tickets, and other issues can increase costs.

  1. Make Sure It Meets Your Needs

Remember to make a list of your business insurance needs—what’s vital for you?

From commercial insurance to property insurance, you need to make sure that the insurance meets your needs — this way, the insurance agent cand find you the right coverage that’s also cost-effective.

  1. Choose the Right Agent

Consider which agent you choose when you’re looking for log truck insurance coverage—of course, there are differences between them all. The best agents will have access to a number of different insurance carriers and will specialize in trucking insurance.

To get cost-effective insurance, perhaps don’t go for the first agent you come across. Look around instead!

Cost-Effective Log Truck Insurance

There are quite a few factors that help determine the price of log truck insurance, but in turn, there are also ways to make sure you’re choosing cost-effective insurance—we’ve outlined five tips above, but there are other factors too.

For example, you might consider a higher deductible, as this should get you a lower trucking insurance premium. Be mindful here, however, as you’ll then be paying more upfront should an accident happen.

If you’re looking for more financial or business-related advice, check out the rest of our posts—we might have just what you’re looking for.

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