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5 tips to improve your company’s cybersecurity

Many companies think that nothing will ever happen to them. That it is only the large servers of large companies that are at risk of being victims of cyber attacks. However, cybersecurity is necessary for everyone. The truth is that cybercriminals have no regard for opening gaps in the security of a company’s computer system.

In this post we would like to give you some tips to be more careful when it comes to protecting the security of your computers.

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity consists of a set of security measures aimed at protecting our confidential information stored on our computers.

Measures as simple as telling Windows to ask for a password before entering are cybersecurity measures. But, for example, that our passwords were in a visible place where anyone who enters the office can write them down and enter from home, would be a huge security failure that we can not afford.

Cybersecurity must always be based on prevention; you have to distrust and place yourself in the worst possible situation. Not because the neighbor is going to make us industrial espionage, but simply to avoid the mere possibility of it happening.

Let’s see some basic cybersecurity tips that you could put in place right now in your business.

  1. Never give confidential information over the Internet

One of the risks you can face is to be contacted by an alleged company by e-mail or even by phone to ask for confidential information.

In all cases, you can easily verify that they are not who they say they are. For example, the sender of the mail never comes from a real mail of the company (Bank, Company of Light, Google, etc.). It has, however, a similar domain or with some variation.

  1. Do not install programs if you do not know the manufacturer

Another source of viruses are the software that we download from the Internet believing that they are something harmless. Maybe you think you are downloading an antivirus, but what you are downloading is actually a dangerous malware disguised as antivirus.

In the network you can not risk it. Never download anything from the Internet from an unknown manufacturer. Over time you will learn to evade download web pages and always bet by downloading the programs from the official website of the manufacturers, or purchase paid software.

  1. Avoid connecting to unauthorized networks

Innocently, through your mobile phone, you can connect to an open Wi-Fi network where there are more people working. Wifi networks are a danger to your privacy. If you connect with your business laptop or your smartphone to open Wi-Fi networks, you run the risk that someone can monitor your activity on the Internet, copy your passwords, get information about you, etc.

  1. Create passwords that are hard to guess

One of the methods that crackers use to guess passwords is through ‘brute force’. It consists in going testing passwords until they find the correct one. If it turns out that the password is easy to guess (it is the same username, for example), they will enter where they want before you can imagine it.

The crackers life are not passed by entering passwords to try to see if they work, they have automated programs that are trying passwords. We must protect our servers to prevent these types of attacks from occurring, in addition to creating passwords that are difficult to guess.

  1. It uses an antivirus and a firewall

Do you connect to the Internet with your company’s Windows computer and without antivirus installed? How brave. The truth is that you are taking a huge risk and you should take action on the matter. It is necessary to have the necessary security systems to avoid introducing viruses in your computer or to eliminate them. You can get the best antivirus for windows 7.

On the other hand, the firewall is another essential part of the security of your computer. It will allow you to stop external attacks from other computers from which someone is trying to connect to your computer.

Is your company safe?

The most dangerous thing about cybersecurity is that right now you could be being spied on and you do not know it. You could have unauthorized programs installed on your computer that are slowing down your computer or doing illicit activities from your computer. You could be part of a zombie network without realizing it.

This is something serious enough so that, if you have never stopped to think about cybersecurity , start doing it now. Ask yourself if with the security system that you have right now in the computers of your business you have a secure company.

What information is not insured and could you lose if there is a security breach tomorrow? Could you have significant economic losses? Would you lose the necessary documentation for your business (databases, invoices, contracts …)?

The backups are an essential part of any security system. If you are not developing backup copies of the most important files on your computer, you risk a misfortune.


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