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5 Ways to Save Money on Your Business Utility Bills

Running a business is no mean task, there are numerous expenses and costs that you have to manage to realize a profit at the end of the year. One overhead cost that takes a lion’s share of your monthly business expenses is the utility bills. Luckily, there are ways to reduce your utility bills and make sure that your profits keep on increasing. The following are 5 ways to save money on your business utility bills.

According to the team at UMC Solutions “A utility audit is really the first step to getting on top of your utility spending as a business, auditing is often avoided as it’s not seen as priority, but once an audit is completed it often opens up avenues to saving money that no one in the business previously knew about”.

Replace existing bulbs

Replace the traditional bulbs you’ve had for years with energy efficient LED and CFL bulbs. This could save you at least $1 a month on your business electricity bill for each bulb you replace. It will go a long way to save you a good amount if your premise has a lot of light bulbs. The other benefit is that these bulbs are very durable, especially when compared to the ones you are replacing. You won’t need to worry about them burning off or constantly replacing them.

Adjust your thermostat settings

Make a point of lowering your thermostat during the winter months and raising it in summer. This is another great way to reduce your heating bill. According to estimates, you’ll be able to save 3% of your utility bill for every degree you adjust your thermostat. Remember to also turn the heat down when you are leaving for home in the evening until you come back in the morning to adjust it back to a comfortable level. And if you feel this is too much work, you can always invest in a programmable thermostat for a meager $30. It will monitor the underlying conditions and automatically adjust the heat to the required levels.

Keep your AC system is running smoothly

Inspect your HVAC unit to ensure that every part is working at peak efficiency. Confirm that there are no leaks in the vents and that the duct system has not been clogged. Get a technician to fix any flaws in your AC unit and guarantee that there are no energy leaks. This is because your system will require an extra 25% of energy to comfortably distribute the air when your vents are clogged, which only serves to increase your heating bill.

Use power save on devices

Whenever you are not using electronics, advise your employers to utilize the power save mode on your laptops, monitors, computers, and other electronic devices in the office so that the equipment sleep to save on power. You can go a step further and make the most of power strips. The latest versions of this technology have “always on” outlets to keep key devices running while the other outlets control your electronics in the same way as power save mode, only that this time around everything is handled automatically.

Make use of natural light

Allow the sunshine to light up your office space whenever you get the opportunity. Tell your staff to open the blinds during the day and switch off the light bulbs. Natural light is a great alternative for illuminating the workplace that saves you a lot in electricity bills. Not only that, but natural light also makes enlivens the atmosphere and boosts employee moods.

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