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7 Benefits of FBA That Can Increase Your Amazon Sales

Becoming your own boss is currently a trend. The idea of setting your own hours and selling something that you made and are proud of is a very big deal in our current culture. Luckily, there are many ways to become your own boss.

One of the most popular ways of starting your own business is selling things online. As more people try to make money by selling their products online, more websites try to make it easier for their merchants. Amazon, the biggest resource for people selling things online, especially has been trying to make it easier to sell things on its website.

A big way Amazon has been helping its sellers is with Fulfillment By Amazon. FBA, along with Amazon fee calculators, is a fabulous way to save money and know what you should be earning by selling on Amazon. Here are seven of the benefits of using FBA to increase Amazon sales.

  1. Storage

A big part of selling items is actually having those items. In a home business, it can be very hard to find a place to store your inventory. If there is no room in your home for all the things you are selling, you might end up renting warehouse space which can add up.

FBA allows you to store your items where Amazon stores its own. Of course, you have to pay to be part of FBA, but it is often much cheaper than renting storage space. Amazon allows FBA members to keep their products stored at Amazon.

  1. Shipping

With FBA, Amazon packages and ships your products. Amazon assures that everything in its stores is packaged with the same care Amazon treats its own products with. That means all of your products are getting packaged with the same care and professionalism as Amazon’s own products.

The storage and shipping both come with fees. It is important to know that using FBA services is not free. It does come with many benefits and round-the-clock customer service so you know that your products are being handled correctly. Amazon will even handle returns for you.

  1. Customer Service

One of the most stressful parts of selling products is customer service. If someone is unhappy with your product it is usually your job to handle that. Upset people can be very stressful and upsetting.

Amazon takes care of almost all the customer service for you. Because Amazon keeps your products for you and ships for you, they also handle if someone is upset with a broken or incorrect product. You do not have to deal with any of that.

Amazon will manage any returns. They will also handle complaints about the quality the product that came shipped in. If the product itself is an issue you might have to deal with it, but Amazon will take as many as complaints as possible. Amazon will fix things without you having to worry.

  1. Instant Buyers

With FBA you are selling through Amazon and their warehouses. That means you already have the built-in client base that Amazon provides. Amazon is the biggest shopping platform in the world. Selling through them is a good bet for instant customers.

The entire world shops through Amazon. There is almost no product that Amazon does not sell. Adding your product to the website means you will instantly have people scrolling through your work. Instant views mean you should be selling quickly.

  1. No Minimum

Amazon is letting you use their storage which might make you think you need to have a certain amount of products before you can use FBA. Actually, Amazon will store whatever you send them. They also don’t really have a maximum. You can send them anything you want to sell and they will keep it.

As long as you keep your stocks up so they do not run out of items, you are good to go. Amazon will take any product you send them whether it is two boxes worth or two hundred. Amazon is happy to help you sell whatever you want.

  1. Automatic

Amazon handles a lot of the work for you. They update how much product you have sold and how much you have left in storage. They handle the shipping and returns. They even handle tracking for both you and your customers.

There is not a lot left to worry about when Amazon is providing all of the information for you. From storing to shipping Amazon handles the process. Amazon also promises to treat FBA users and their products as well and Amazon treats its own products. That gives many sellers peace of mind when selling through Amazon.

  1. MCF

Multi-channel fulfillment is a huge benefit of selling through Amazon. Amazon is a very big website that owns lots of other websites. Or at the very least, works through many other websites.

FBA gives you the opportunity to have your products all over the internet. More places advertising your products mean more products sold. Having your product spread all around the internet to several different websites is a huge benefit to selling through FBA.


Selling through FBA on Amazon has a lot of benefits for both large and smaller online sellers. Amazon handles all of the storing and shipping of your products. They also promise to handle your products with all the care they handle their own products.

FBA is an excellent way to handle your products and money. Amazon helps you keep track of how much you have sold and how much you have left to sell. Selling through FBA makes the entire process of selling online much easier.

It is important to remember that FBA is not free. Amazon does keep the resource relatively cheap, but storage, shipping, and customer service use its resources. The use of any company’s resources is going to cost money. Adding what you will be spending and what you should be making on an Amazon fee calculator should help you know how much you need to sell to make a profit.

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