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What Are The Advantages Of Functional Organizational Structure?

With the aid of functional organizational structure, employees grouping are based on functionality and how they perform their roles in the business organization. However, with time this process results in functional units like finance, marketing, accounting, engineering, HR and so on. Basically, the director of each special unit is meant to report to the topmost management of the business organization; with this reports, it becomes clear if there would be the need for a sub-functional unit through further divided into smaller units.

This division grows to become highly responsible for most important tasks in the organization, some of which include paying salary, payroll preparation, making raw material payments, quick payment to creditors and fast collection of debts that are owned by the company’s customers. This has changed the phase of many business organizations today with a greater level of productivity.

If your company utilizes this method or not, you really need to get your mind prepared for a better understanding of the advantages of functional organization structure that are highlighted below.

Accurate Data

A company’s organizational structure is aided with keeping an accurate record of all transactions done. These transactions processes involve the preparation the cash flow statement, financial statement and much more. In most cases, it is advisable to hand over the role of financial statement to professionals, if there is no specialist in the company for the financial statement; the company can go outside the agency for a professional financial statement specialist.

Higher Level of Expansion

Functional organization structure offers a greater setting for expansion other than that of line organization. It does the expansion of an enterprise and still maintains its efficiency in the organization.

Division of Labor

The whole work process is been segregated based on mental and physical functions. Hence, the executives are eased from tedious operations and tasks. Mental and physical (more of manual operations) functions are totally different, they both require a higher degree of efficiency in the business organization or company. Duplication of works can no longer be found in the company since the management has allocated tasks to the right department.


With the functional organizational structure, there is a suitable implementation of a greater division of labor. Additionally, this creates a stronger framework for the organization and most importantly, it offers a higher level of specialization. Employees are now ready to develop their skills with increased speed for a better productivity. Whatsoever task a department is assigned to, it is been done quickly and professionally since they specialize in that aspect.

Higher Efficiency

Another advantage of a functional organization structure is that it leads to speedy work with higher efficiency since they perform a limited number of tasks according to their area of expertise.

Big Time Production

Production in a business organization involves so many activities such as the quality and quantity control, production process, products design, packaging, storage, and much more. Nevertheless, as a business organization keeps maintaining the normal level of input with functional organization structure, the company’s level of production increases.

Umar Bajwa
Umar Bajwa
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