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How to Become an Inventor With Your Creative Imagination

Anybody can become an inventor.  So what qualifies one to become an inventor? Surprisingly, there are few well-known qualities are demanded. They are curiosity, imagination, persistence, focus, discipline, and ability to understand people needs.

Necessity is the mother of invention

Nowadays, we extensively use many gadgets, tools, and accessories to make our lives easier and better. Every invention or a discovery has happened due to human needs or necessity. Further, necessity is the mother of invention.  Some inventions happened accidentally and some with great trial and errors. For example, before inventing the electric bulb, Thomas Alva Edison experimented with more than 10,000 different models of the light bulb.  He kept on trying till he perfected his invention. This is the great example of persistence and perseverance, indeed.

Similarly, our nature is a huge showcase of creative ideas and designs. You can find countless inventions mimicking our nature. For example, the airplane is modeled after flying bird, and photo camera imitates our eye. There are millions of inventions inspired by our mother nature. Human curiosity plays a vital role in developing new products and services. Hence, keen human observation skills have served to create a better life for us.

Observation is the key

Someone has invented something by understanding what people needed. This is another kind of observation. This is related to daily human existence. The mobile phone is invented to connect people together and to help people to keep in touch anytime, anywhere. Global mobile market leader Nokia has this great vision to connect people.

You will be amazed to learn that most of the inventors and researchers of creative ideas are richly rewarded with their inventions and discoveries. Creative imagination is a basic human faculty to think of creative ideas.  Just see how many products that you use at your home today are invented by one or another? Start thinking that why a particular product is invented to serve what human purpose. Just look at the television remote control. With a remote control, you can flip through hundreds of channels, without ever getting out of your couch! Needless to say, with the invention of remote control, hundreds of TV stations have come into existence. Just ponder on how a creative idea of remote control was conceived.

You can always discover or invent something to help other people. Pique your imagination and let it run wild. Observe the nature around you and see what it teaches you.

Conduct research online and learn from others

The Internet is the great source of information and knowledge. Use the internet to do some research. Collect all the information needed to build your new machine, tool, accessory, or software. Join with other like minded people to build your dream machine. For example, if you are a motorbike enthusiast, you may learn more by watching Discovery (ever watched American Chopper?) or National Geographic Channel, or searching the internet.

Create value and wealth

Know that your invention can help or benefit many in the world. Your invention can be sold for royalty or to interested people and companies for a good profit. There are many businesses to help you to launch your product or service globally. There are unlimited possibilities and sky is the limit. Start playing with your creative imagination and see what you can create. Let your creative juices flow freely.

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