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Benefits of Flame Resistant Clothing

Even if your profession doesn’t require you to wear FR (flame resistant) clothing, depending on role in a company you still might consider adding fr shirts for men to your shopping list. This is because the risk of getting burned can still be elevated for some jobs without rising to the risk necessary to mandate flame-resistant clothing. Additionally, if you are required to wear FR clothing, your employer will provide the minimum level to meet the law, but you may want to consider adding other layers of FR clothing under what they provide you. Here are some reasons why.

FR Clothing Won’t Melt to Your Skin

Synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester are not flame resistant and will continue to burn until they are extinguished by an outside influence or they melt. Unfortunately, when they do melt, they are at extremely hot temperatures, which means they are melting to your skin and burning it. In fact, this is the number one cause of severe skin burns from fires. Not only does melted fabric lead to more severe burns, but it also makes it much more difficult to clean the wounds so they can heal.

FR Clothing Makes Heat More Comfortable

If you’ve ever been near a fire, you know how intense the heat can be. Imagine having to work near hot machinery or with welding equipment that produces heat and sparks. FR clothing makes these environments more comfortable because they provide a barrier between you and the heat. This will allow you to work around heat without having to take frequent breaks. Plus, if a fire does ignite, you will have instant thermal insulation from the flames, giving you precious time to safely escape.

FR Clothing Will Not Ignite

This is a critical benefit, and one that can’t be dismissed even if you don’t really want to wear FR clothing. Clothing that is either treated with fire retardant chemicals or is manufactured from inherently fire resistant fabrics will not ignite in the event of an electrical flash arc, an explosion, or a fire. Certainly, when it heats up, it will begin to break down in extremely high temperatures, but it will withstand those temperatures for a longer amount of time than regular clothing. Once you’re away from the source, though, FR clothing will not continue to burn, thereby reducing your odds of getting a severe injury.

FR Clothing is Much Stronger than Regular Clothing

Not only will FR clothing not ignite if a spark or flash arc touches it, but it can also stand up to intense heat without splitting open and exposing your skin. Again, this is vital because you may have to pass through the fire to escape the building, and if so, you need your clothing to protect you until you get out. Regular clothing won’t do this. It will catch on fire immediately and will continue to burn until you get it put out with a fire extinguisher or other outside fire suppressant.


You can choose to wear FR clothing on the job even if your employer doesn’t require it, especially if you feel more comfortable doing your job when wearing it. These days, FR clothing is comfortable and stylish, so don’t let either of those concerns prevent you from protecting yourself from a potential fire.

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