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Best Medical Answering Service in Los Angeles

When you’re looking for the best medical answering service in Los Angeles, there is many things you must consider and ask. What does this company provide for me? What do they do? What is a medical answering service, and how does it differ from a typical answering service?

Well, Answering365 has the solution and answers for all of that, as well as all of your calls.

How to Tell When You Need a Medical Answering Service

When you have to ask yourself if:

  • you can’t keep up with call volume
  • have so many voicemails that you can’t keep up with those (or your voice mailbox is so full you have to clear it every day)
  • whether or not you have long wait times for answering the phone because of calls you are currently on (potentially losing customers who hang up because they’re tired of waiting)

You may be in dire need of needing a medical answering service. Answer 365 is one of the best in their field, and know how to meet your patients with perfect customer service, as well as gathering and recording detailed data collections that can save you time and money, and potentially save you from losing potential business because you can’t be there 24/7.

How does a Medical Answering Service Work?

These answering services are trained properly to handle medical calls suited for your business. They are a dedicated business answering service for only your medical field. For example, with Answer365, you get remote agents that can answer the phone for you, and greet your customers representing your clinic or medical facility so your customers simply think you are at the office. They can make appointments, and input them into patient portals, as well as forward calls to people when there are emergencies or more.

If someone needs to speak directly with a nurse, receptionist, or a physician in your office, calls can be forwarded. The best medical answering service will be completely transparent, so the patients don’t know that they are speaking with someone remotely as well. They’re also available twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year.

What Medical Fields Does the Best Medical Answering Service Cover?

When it comes to all of the fields, a company like Answering 365 should cover every medical field possible, but not be limited to that.

They should be able to cover clinical trials, lawyers, private contractors, real estate, insurance companies, and be there for your hospitals, doctor’s, and provide answering service for your medical practice. Also, they should have knowledge of mental health.


Answer365 has all of these, and they’re based directly in the heart of Los Angeles, which makes them a 100% American company (believe it or not, some businesses worry about this because they want a remote service that is not overseas). While being based in the country, Answer365 handles calls and works for businesses on an international level, which is why they’re considered one of the best of the best.

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