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Business Strategy for Achieving More While Doing Less Work by Sean Lourdes

Behind every successful business is a solid business strategy. Every year, companies invest collective hundreds of millions of dollars in professionals who will give them the best strategies for their business. They do this because they know that in the predominantly capitalist society of today, brands that don’t compete well die off fast.

As long as a business is concerned, it’s all about Business strategy. In his book “The Art of the Deal”, real estate billionaire and United States president Donald Trump gave details of the techniques that helped him win big in real estate. In “Negotiate Your Way to Riches”, Peter Wink poured out business strategy and individuals can use at various times to win big. Robert Greene teaches many strategic techniques in his books “The 33 Strategies of War” and “The 48 Laws of Power”

It is all about strategies, and some industry leaders seem to know this more than others. The bulk of this article’s content borrows heavily from the strategies of a young entrepreneur who has managed to travel the world and record substantial success in business without having to get burned out in the process.

The Power Lies in the People

“Everything you need to succeed in business can be gotten from people. Whether they are your employees or friends or colleagues or even strangers, people are assets in business because they will give you everything you need if you ask strategically enough” says the Sean Lourdes.

And he is correct. A business needs a couple of things to work: funding, publicity, marketing, sales, and customers. All of these processes involve people. Getting these people to do the needful does not have to burn all the money, an entrepreneur.

For instance, a CEO that doesn’t have adequate funding may seek out venture capitalists or angel investors; try word-of-mouth publicity; seek referral or affiliate marketing, and so on.

Sean’s message is simple: entrepreneurs should focus more on leveraging people as they sail towards profits. Every ability of a business’ team member should be fully utilized (of course with their permission) in the course of taking a business to the next level.

But Some People Have More Power than the Others

This is where Sean proved his mettle as an astute businessman. He knows that meaningful associations with industry leaders and top celebrities will do his business and philanthropic efforts more good than any advert ever can. In this aspect, Sean practices what he preaches.

He believes that for an individual to be “more than an average Joe”, that individual has to surround themselves with good company – powerful, intelligent and resourceful people who are relevant to their dreams.

For instance, Sean, through The Lourdes Foundation, seeks to spread peace and love across the world through charity and mentorship. It was only natural for him to surround himself with people who share similar ideologies most notably the Tibetan Dalai Lama who he managed to bring to the United States of America for an event he hosted in 2014. In the last couple of year, through strategic networking, Sean has met former US president, Barrack Obama; Hollywood veteran, Mel Gibson; music star, Selena Gomez; Whoopi Goldberg; Lionel Richie and a bunch of other A-list celebrities.

How Does this Concern Entrepreneurship?

In his sales masterpiece “the Psychology of Persuasion” Kevin Hogan notes that people are more likely to buy a product recommended by a celebrity than the one that isn’t so recognized. Generally, people with many followers influence sales positively. This is why Nike chose Cristiano Ronaldo as her brand ambassador.

Since Ronaldo uses Nike shoes, many of his fans would want to model their hero. So Nike “sells” a Ronaldo every time a pair of boots is bought.

The Strategy Proper

Internally, leaders should collaborate with their employees. Every employee is unique and can contribute a whole lot to the growth of a company if treated right. Next is networking and being where the celebrities are. Taking a photograph with an NFL star, tennis legend, movie superstar or trendy musician may give your business more revenue than TV adverts.

Some good places to meet powerful people include seminars, book signings (for celebrity authors), power conferences, power wedding ceremonies and so on. By all means, small and medium scale business or business owners must strive to be associated with the public figures that people love, and who are related to their niches.

In a Nutshell

So this is one of the Sean Lourdes Strategies for winning in business and life. Realize that people have power, discover the ones whose powers are relevant to your business or cause, win them to your side either by helping them or just rubbing shoulders with them, and ultimately use this relationship or disposition to help your company grow. Of course, do well to appreciate people as they help you. This is what Sean Lourdes does when he works with people.

Muhammad Irfan
Muhammad Irfan
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