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A Comparison Between Local & National Business Growth Tactics

From the bulls on Wall Street to ma and pa shops in Indiana you have businesses that make it and the ones that fall into obscurity. Each business requires its own strategy to deal with consumers, investors, and board members if the company is large enough.

There’s a big difference though between local marketing and national.

Today we are going to delve into the differences between both strategies and how in some ways crossing over into the different verticals will harm your national or local business. We will also be discussing what strategies worked for both.

Business To Business Leads Vs Consumer-Based

The first step is to identify if your clientele is going to come from single purchase shoppers or business to business sales. Each strategy requires a different approach. As Rankit pointed out, different leads come from a variety of separate platforms.

For local lead gen, you would want to target places your average consumer exist like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. If your goal is B2B sales LinkedIn and AdWords is a fine choice if you understand how to choose the correct audience.

Breaking Down The Demographics Of Platforms

Young, old, black, or white? Demographics and social situations matter. You wouldn’t want to serve the same ad to a working-class person that you do an affluent couple. Here’s how you commonly break down the demographics of both local and national businesses.

  • Will your customers or business leads be in the city or countryside?
  • Are you targeting wealthy individuals or working-class families?
  • What’s the general age and race of your target audience?

Ask yourself these three questions every single time you set out to grow your customer base with inbound marketing or ads. Snapchat recently changed their ad platform and it’s perfect for targeting millennials and younger with hip products.

Personalized Service Or Professionalism?

Are you going to be the one that answers the phone every time someone calls with a local town charm? National business typically has a colder rapport but comes off extremely capable of handling volume.

Small businesses typically benefit from a local-oriented demeanor.

Either way, you want to choose how your employees or yourself respond to client inquiries. It’s the final process to close those leads you procured.

Let’s Wrap It Up…

Business isn’t as hard when you know where to get customers from. If you start off in the wrong spot it can seem like a daunting task, but once you nail your buyer persona it becomes much easier.

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