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Deeper Insights into Corporate Intranet for Small Businesses

Most of the businesses have a notion that corporate intranet is only meant for MNCs, large businesses, and global organizations. However, it is just a myth. Small businesses too, use different types of the intranet in their organization; it’s just that not all businesses (that operate on a small level) are aware of this amazing concept.

So, let’s just peep into the details of a corporate intranet and know what exactly fits into the same.

1- External Connections

A corporate intranet helps an organization to build mutually fulfilling relationships, both externally and internally. Through an Extranet Portal, all the external connections can be easily maintained on your intranet, thereby providing you with a secure access to external company contacts. You can even send Automated Emails without any hassle.

2- Employee Engagement

The intranet can also be used for employee engagement purposes. Most of the intranets are found to be equipped with several tools, such as Discussion Forums, Idea Share Exchange, and Company News. These tools/ features help the organization to enhance the user experience as well as create an engaging site, which motivates the users (employees) to participate in every activity or discussion.

3- Design & Architecture

You cannot be interested towards something, which is not attractive. There have to be at least one or two elements, which evoke interest among the users. Hence, your business intranet comes with unique tools and features that help you customize the design and architecture of the intranet. Right from smooth navigation to the home page design of the intranet, everything can be personalized as per your choices.

4- E-Learning & OnBoarding

E-Learning & OnBoarding are the major reasons behind investing resources into an intranet. The ease of communication and information sharing make both of these, the biggest purpose of an intranet. Using some amazing set of tools, you can hire as well as train new employees. Also, you can organize some productive training courses via Online Training Calendar tool and then conduct a test using Online Tests.

5- Information Sharing

You might definitely know that an intranet is widely used for information sharing. But do you know that the intranet is equipped with several intranet widgets and feeds? These widgets and engaging feed basically assist the user in sharing quality information across all the members of the corporate intranet.

6- Enterprise Search

Most of the organizations often complain about the poor functionality of the enterprise search. Hence, the modern intranets come with different search features that focus on benefitting your corporation. You may find different features, such as Search Filters, Full-Text Indexing, Advanced Search, Content Tagging, Quick Search and Search Security capabilities. Using a simple keyword, one would be able to find exactly what he is looking for, within a short span of time.

7- E-Forms & Workflows

EForms and Workflow tools are also a major part of the corporate intranet. They are designed to automate and streamline processes, communication, operations and access to specific corporate information. Not just this, you will also be able to manage your business resources, which in turn, promotes collaboration, participation and engagement.

8- Intranet Management

You need not to manage the intranet full-time. Using a range of Intranet Management tools, you can ease the process and help IT and other departments in the proper management of business intranet. The tools enable Admin Role Delegation, which in turn, makes it easy to smartly delegate the tasks and manage everything simultaneously.

9- Employee Communications

An entrepreneur looks for an intranet software solution when he or she realizes the need for improving internal communication in the organization. The simple reason behind this is that miscommunication leads to the unengaged workforce and poor performance. Hence, using a business intranet, you can ensure that your employees are informed and increase their job efficiency. To make the best use of intranet, use different communication tools, viz. Follow Colleagues, Event Sites, Outlook Sync Calendars, Mobile Intranet, Message Boards, Page Bookmarks, Skills Tagging, Featured Employee Feed, Employee Milestones, and others.

10- Content Management

Content management is one of the most painful tasks for an organization. However, using an intranet, you can simplify this task and improve the efficiency of your organization. Not just you get the facility of Policy Management and Document Management, but also detailed tracking with Automated Archiving, Policy or Document Review and Offline Library Resource Organization.

So, now when you know what exactly a corporate intranet MyHub is composed of and what are the major features to leverage from, you can start looking for an intranet solution and make way for strong internal communications.

Summary: Large businesses and MNCs are quite versed in using the corporate intranet. However, most of the small businesses do not know about this amazing concept.

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