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Do Installment Loans Help Your Credit?

Having a healthy credit score is essential for everyone to be able to get credit or some kind of loan from lenders. Today, having a great score does not just affect the next loan you might want to take out. It could also influence your ability to get a cellphone or even get a great rate on car insurance. Because of this, consumers should keep a close watch on that score and have a better understanding as to what can change the score for the good and for the bad. Installment loans are a factor that can influence that score.

What is an Installment Loan?

When it comes to pay the bills, there are a couple of different loan options that may need to be addressed. Credit card debt isn’t considered to be an installment loan. Consumers pay the amount that they want to pay each month. While there is a minimum, there isn’t one amount due each month that is going to pay off the balance in a set amount of time.

A mortgage and a car loan are considered loans that are paid in installments. Consumers make the exact same payment each month and know exactly when the balance of the loan will be paid off. It is possible to take out a personal loan that requires a set number of payments over a set amount of time. In fact, many people looking to get a grasp on their outstanding credit card debt using an installment loan to get out from under the various interest rates and pay off their debt a little earlier.

How Can It Help?

There are lots of ways which can bring up your credit score. Installment loan is one of them and while it is important, it isn’t going to be the only thing that determines what a person’s final rating is. However, it can help to have more than one type of debt showing up on the credit report. It can actually be beneficial to have a mix of credit types like a mortgage, a car loan or student loan in conjunction with Installment loan. As credit monitoring authorities monitor your payback capacity which in returns hikes up your credit score. Individuals that have too much credit card debt may want to transition to an installment option. This can help improve the score and give them an easier way to pay off the balances.

Often, Installment loans have a lower interest rate when compared to a traditional credit card. By making this type of debt transition, balances are going to be paid off sooner, meaning that less debt will show up on the report. This obviously means that the score will go up as the amount of debt decreases. Taking advantage of this type of interest decrease can be huge for those looking to improve their credit score and become debt free. At the same time, it doesn’t matter what type of debt a person has; credit scores are also based on whether payments are made on time. This type of loan, when used correctly, can show consistent payments.

Taking a good hard look at a credit score isn’t always easy. There are times when some work needs to be done to get the numbers back on track. One of the best ways to do that is to understand that there are multiple types of credit and multiple options for paying back debt responsibly. For some, a loan paid out in installments is a great way to show diversified debt, achieve a lower interest rate and demonstrate consistent payments.

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