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Essential Tips to Save Money on AWS

With the world global market expanding it horizons day by day, new technologies and strategies are introduced on a daily basis. Everything wants to be as simple as the blink of an eye, that’s why modern technologies and global markets are going crazy about providing ease to the common man.

You need any service, you ask the representatives online, and they take care of your problem. You want something online, you place an order, and that particular thing reaches your doorstep. That’s the power of technology of an AI and the creation of the human brain.

In this article, we will be focusing on what is AWS? And its service called Amazon SES and how the right choice of actions can help you save some money.

What’s AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services; it is the subsidiary of that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies and governments.   It is the cloud computing service, in easy words we lend our servers and computing systems to our users for them to deliver their results faster and prevent them from the hassle of buying and setting up their own IT infrastructure.

Who can benefit from AWS?

Anyone with an online business or affiliated intermingling over the internet can benefit with our service. You can choose the type of IT resources and services you need for your kind of business.

With this, you can skip the itching tendency of looking over your shoulders to maintain a data center or keep things in orders and waste your time and energy running errands while you should be innovating new ideas and strategies for your business. Just sign up with   AWS choose your plan, try our services for free up to a limited amount of time, select your preferred Cloud Computing and IT services and then, go global within minutes.

Some of the vital elements about us:   

We provide our services at little low and affordable cost, pay as you go and no long-term commitments. Go remote less make something incredible and don’t worry about the workforce you require, whether you need our systems for one day, one hour or 24/7 we are always at your disposal. We value privacy and trust, that’s why when you are onboard with us your every action is secured with the best encryption designed by data analysts and experts, so your data remain guaranteed and backed up with us.

Tips to save money on AWS using Amazon SES

You sure can save your money at AWS by using a simple and unique feature given by Amazon SES. It’s Amazon Simple Email Service, which is the subsidiary of Amazon Web Services. The Amazon SES is very incredible and low cost, you can save a great fortune by subscribing to SES and relatively cut out some money on AWS.

  1. Pick up the right number for you

While signing up with AWS don’t go enormous on the CPU, memory, and storage rather than you need for your work. Keep going baby steps, first start small then increase your resources according to your workload and require. In this way, you can monitor your actions for you only pay for what you use.

  1. Shut down systems you are not using

It only seems fair that you only pay for what you use, so if your systems at AWS are not in your constant use then, try to hibernate or even shut them down, in this way you would not be using anything when you genuinely don’t want to, and it will help you save some money as well.

  1. Use some unique features by AWS

The time you sign up at AWS, they give you many features and programs to ease things up for you, one of them is cloud watch and auto-scaling. It lets you monitor your usage; you can track daily, weekly or monthly. Auto-scaling is paramount, you only add up the bandwidth you are going to use, and you increase or cut it down accordingly. So, you are the boss of your usage and billing here.

  1. Set up billing alerts

You will need to set up the billing alerts, so you only pay for ehat you use. This is a great method to avoid getting shocked at the end of the month. You can set up billing alerts by the Amazon console.

  1. Distinguish between buyers and non-buyers

Whenever you email your subscribers, you need to separate the list of buyers and nonbuyers. In this way, you will only email those who wish to read and act upon it, and those which may or may not ponder over your emails are cast out. Cost of emailing only those which are interested is the lot less than the others. In this way, you can communicate at the lower cost.

  1. Get Coupons

Amazon tends to release daily and weekly coupons, be wise and make use of them correctly, in this way you can save some money while using Amazon AWS and SES services.

Bonus Tip

Using these simple and yet efficient techniques, you can save some money right now and don’t feel overwhelmed at the time of billing, you control your workplace as you please and not even have to worry about overpricing or hidden expenses.

Umar Bajwa
Umar Bajwa
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