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Helpful Guide to Engineering Drawing Management Process

The engineering drawing management process is a professional specialty related to planning, designing, construction, and management of infrastructures such as tunnels, roads, airports, bridges, buildings, railroads, utilities, dams and other such projects. A team of construction engineers along with the construction manager are responsible for delivering a construction project while enhancing its value.

Architects, contractors, designers, engineers, suppliers and manufacturers need some useful methods to work with a vast number of drawings. These documents containing construction drawings comprise of a variety of file types such as PDF and office documents, image files and CAD drawings. The engineers need a simplified method to control the complex relation of engineering drawings and the documents related to the current business process. This ensures you have the drawings when you need them. On an average, 7.5% of the drawings are lost. More valuable time is lost when 90% of the documents are moved.

In an engineering drawing management procedure, the information should be maintained in an array of dispersed systems and a hard copy format. The storage systems do not provide synchronizations thus leading to productivity loss thus displaying risk for the organization. Engineering software is an apt answer saving time.

What Is Engineering Drawing Management?

Engineering drawing management process is a means of applying scientific and technical knowledge to the construction projects. The engineering aspect focuses on the management of design and construction and is mainly responsible for looking after the actual construction. CEM blends both the disciplines – management and project execution. The construction engineering managers are required to carry an educational background at both the graduate and the undergraduate levels. Experience in the construction management technique is regarded as a bonus. The skills acquired are beneficial and can be applied to the architectural, construction and engineering industries.

What Is The Role Of Construction Engineering Manager?

The construction engineer manager is essential personnel of a construction project. During his career, a construction engineering manager is expected to work and supervise a wide variety of projects. This includes the building construction, design of the drainage and sewage systems and also some big infrastructure projects such as railroads and highways. Some focus on one type of construction and build their career around it. Common expertise includes:

  • Electrical system design
  • HVAC/mechanical
  • Housing construction or Commercial business
  • Highway/heavy construction (water waste management system, airport design, bridge building, etc.)

What Do You Need Construction Managers?

Nowadays, the role of the construction engineering managers in an engineering drawing management process is to use computers and construction management software to analyze and create designs for the projects. They are the ones responsible for gathering teams of qualified engineers to ensure a project finishes on time. They should have the required knowledge to control the estimates and plan the cost of a project.

The Responsibilities

The construction engineering managers work from a central office and visit the job sites while also looking after the on-location work with the labor. They visit the sites on a regular basis for analyzing the work done and make sure the proper standards are maintained in the construction industry.

Furthermore, a construction engineering manager has to fulfill many other responsibilities as well. They are called upon to examine the job site before a project begins. They are expected to address local laws or codes and environmental issues, and these must be followed diligently. Before the work begins, an engineering manager makes a report citing their findings. They then associate with other people involved in the project such as environmental associations, governmental agencies, contractors and subcontractors.

The Expertise

A construction engineering manager must have a detailed understanding of regulations, laws, building codes and primarily the ones which can affect the project at hand. It is an essential part of the engineering drawing management procedure. They should have the technical prowess to calculate the total cost of a project concerning:

  • Labor
  • Site inspections
  • Types of equipment and materials
  • Sewage, drainage and elevation level tests

Not just the above, a construction engineering manager is responsible for looking after the day-to-day working of so many other aspects that are part of the project. It must provide expert guidance from start to the end while maintaining the project which is running on or is ahead of schedule and falls within the budget. The job needs strong interpersonal and leadership skills and meticulous detailing. Just like other engineers, a construction engineering manager requires strong analytical, problem-solving and mathematical skills.

  • Challenges in engineering drawing management system:
  • Assign, plan and schedule tasks
  • Producing task lists and looks after the requirements for full coverage.
  • Avert project requirements from expanding
  • Managing executive as well as customer expectations to ensure the results are delivered Leading a team so that they remain productive to ensure all work and policies get their due.
  • Track schedule in real time and see that the project is on track or whether some adjustments are required.
  • Identify problems ahead
  • Maintains the schedule to look after any surprise technical issue
  • Prepare status reports. Communicate to all the team members.

Signing off

The engineering drawing management process is one of the essential parts of a construction project. Executing it is one of the keys to a successful construction.

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