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How Hot Little Biscuit of Callie can be served to over 250,000 clients yearly

There are many people who take a photo of their food before having it. Almost 70 percent of the millennials are found addicted to this habit. But we know that social media is not about sharing the food pictures, social media is a platform that has changed our entire dining routine. It is not there to watch and scroll down the mouthwatering pictures of your meals, food, and treat. It has also influenced our choices of food and restaurants too.

Our decisions about the restaurants and kind of food are also changed. More importantly, the designs of the restaurants and aesthetics are also changed with the social media influence along with the procedure of making these meals. There is no doubt that people enjoy sharing these pictures and it is among the guilty pleasures of many of us.

The platforms like Instagram and Facebook are the ones that make this happen. We can browse and find many restaurants, foods, and bars through these platforms. Instagram presence of the restaurants matters a lot for many of the customers. They prefer the restaurants which is having a string Instagram presence. Callie’s Hot Little biscuit is one of these restaurants, which remained successful in getting the online followers through their Instagram marketing campaigns and then successfully drive the audience to do the in-store purchase.

Callies’s Biscuits and Social media

For the Callie’s business, social media platform and particularly Instagram has played a huge role that it now serves nearly a quarter million people in a year.

Callie’ Hot Little Biscuit was a small business that was started and got fame just through the marketing of their biscuit pictures through Instagram. They shared the pictures of their biscuits and got successful in getting a huge number of followers on Instagram. This marketing strategy worked for them and now they are watching the reward of it.

Social media Strategies for successful business

We can find their strategies really helpful in making a successful business through the use of Instagram. Here are some of these marketing strategies which make them a huge business now.

  • Focus and share the high quality content and pictures of your product.
  • Make the captions of your posts more fun and interesting for the youngsters.
  • Use the suitable and relevant hashtags for each of your posts. Try to make some unique and fun hashtags for your products.

These were the basic Instagram strategies that were followed by the Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit Instagram page which led it to have this much followers. Keeping these simple marketing tactics while promoting the products can help your brand to get the name and fame.

After getting popular, Callie’s business worked on their strategies and shared with us the ways through which one can drive its offline sale.

  • Stay consisted and make a personality for your brand
  • Keep updating your customers and share more content to stay connected with the users
  • Share the behind the scene moments with your customers to get them more involved with you.
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Asheer Raza
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