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How to Create Billdu Invoices on iPad?

What could be done with an iPad apart from gaming and Skype? Well, you can manage a huge business with a single app right from your iPad. Keep all your bills and invoices in pockets, send any project estimate or billing information within seconds, log in to Billdu app from iPad and avail the countless possibilities from it. All you need to do is download Billdu invoice app for iPad from App Store. Purchase a plan as per your business needs, check out Billdu pricing plan from their website and sign up to the system. There are 80,000+ users and 50,000+ subscribers, have clarity without sacrificing mobility.

From your iPad, create invoices in a few seconds, it will save time and hassle of creating a new excel sheet every time. If there’s no connectivity, create you invoice seamlessly and save it; the created invoice will be sent automatically to the client when an internet connection is available. Also, create a checklist of paid and unpaid invoices, remind them of the due date accordingly from your iPad dashboard. Invoice tracking will let you know when an invoice was seen by the receiver, status payment notifications can also be enabled from Billdu invoice manager dashboard from app.

Build a chart and see if you are on the track; Are the profits satisfying? Keep all the information in a single window, create graphs for information or for presentation of your company’s performances, good or bad, over the year or monthly graphs. If you have an available printer, print it right away through Bluetooth or internet connection from Billdu’s print option. If there’s no printer available, convert it to PDF and send it through mail or Airprint. Receipt scanning is available in Billdu’s portable software, scan all the documents and receipts, make a photo album and then attach to the required folder or invoice template easily. It will be saved to the cloud storage that means your written receipts and invoices can’t get lost. For iPad users, cost management is a practical solution to cut in cost and expenditures, it will warn of the imbalance between purchases, profits, and expenses.

Another best feature about Billdu Invoice app for iPad is its synchronization with all the devices. All the  saved invoices on iPad will automatically be made available wherever user will log in. turn on the auto sync in your iPad app and it won’t bother to ask if you need to sync or not. The overview and dashboard is simple and easy to use for newbies and professionals alike, simple editing of invoices and printing options make it a feasible option to use Billdu on iPad. You can also use digital sign feature on iPad, everything is as it was on desktop version. World is becoming smarter, carry an iPad for invoice making and receipts, save time and money, works as your own accountant and save a few hundred by spending a few on smart Billdu App.

Asheer Raza
Asheer Raza
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