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Is It Time for a New Business Sign? 5 Clues

Wondering if it’s time to update your business storefront? Most of the time, a company won’t choose to update their business signs unless their current signage is faulty. Wear and tear, damage, and other problems that reduce business visibility will usually prompt an owner to replace them. But often times there are other opportunities – overlooked ways – that a business can update their signs to the betterment of their brand. If you’re wondering if it’s time to update your signage, here are 5 clues that it may just be.

A business sign communicates information about your business. It includes interior and exterior signs, like storefront signage, billboards, promotional graphics, and more. Depending on what type of business you have, it also includes office signs, floor graphics, banners, LED signs, and various types of print collateral.

Business signs are evaluated by their function, type, benefits, and placement. Generally speaking, most business will hire a  professional sign company for assistance in design, manufacturing, and installation. Designs typically include your logo and other vital identifying information about your business.

While many signage elements are made with longevity in mind (such as awnings and channel letters), there comes a time when every business should evaluate if updating their business signage will be a benefit.

5 clues that it may be time for you to consider new business signs include

1- Rebrand

Changed your logo, company name, colors, or slogan? You’ll want to go ahead and update your signage to reflect your rebrand. Failure to do so will confuse customers, as they may wonder why they are seeing two different types of logos on your various business materials. The last thing you want to do is confuse your potential clientele.

In some cases, you can update just a partial update of your signs. This is true if your business signage utilizes vinyl lettering, which can (almost) always be removed and replaced by a professional.

2- Relocation

If your business has moved, you’ll certainly need to update your signs. Not only do you want to feature your new address, but a company should consider what type of signage best suits their new location. For example, your storefront may move into a downtown commercial district with a historic overlay. It could be that the new ordinances for this location will require different exterior signage than your business had been using.

As mentioned above, the purpose of commercial signage is to communicate information about your company. Relocating your business is a major piece of information that needs to be communicated to potential clients, especially if you are open to the public.

3-  Customers aren’t commenting on your signage (Low visibility)

One thing that seasoned businesses will tell you is that effective signage is usually commented on by customers. If your signage isn’t garnering attention from consumers, it’s probably a clue that adjustments may be needed.

If this sounds like a problem you are facing, you should consider a redesign. Problems with sign visibility often come down to colors and layout. A professional sign company offers graphic designers that can assist you in optimizing your business signage.

4- Major change in service lines or promotions.

Signage is a surefire way to advertise changes to your business offerings. If you are a restaurant, you’ll want to update your business signs to represent menu changes and specials. Retail stores will often use business signs to advertise special sales and promotions, sometimes taking out advertisements like billboards or printing banners.

If you are looking to advertise new products or services, it may be that you aren’t looking to replace business signage but rather add it to existing signs. In that case, it’s important to consider your brand as well as the final placement prior to fabrication for maximum effectiveness.

5- The communication is off key.

Are your signs mis-communicating information to clients? That’s a huge red flag and a clue that your business needs new signs. The way your company is perceived by your intended audience takes precedence over what you think. Grammar, layout, and generally poor design may make your corporate signs bad communicators. For example, imagine if you are a car wash business with signage that reads “Cars Only Enter Here” above the entrance. What you may mean is that any automobile can enter into this lane, but consumers driving trucks or sport-utility vehicles may take this sign literally and be confused. This is a minor example, but still illustrates poor communication that may occur with improper messaging.

If your signs aren’t proving to be effective in communicating information about your company, consult with professionals who can give feedback and recommend ways to improve your signage. Pay close attention to what your business signs say about you – if they aren’t sending out the right message, your business can suffer.

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