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Killer Benefits you Can Get from Marketo Partners

When you are looking for a technology enablement or digital marketing agency for your business make sure to look for one that is Marketo partners. Conventional methods and ways of marketing are no more bringing the same quality of results as they once did. Moreover, internet, web and social media have become such a dominating force in everyday life of masses that spending on conventional marketing methods that don’t incorporate the changed ways of life, is really waste of your time, energy and business budget.

Hence, no matter what the size of your business may be, the industry you belong to or the market you cater to, it is usually more efficient and fruitful if you use your budget over digital marketing efforts with your in-house team or outsourcing to an agency. Your digital marketing agency can give you services of expert and experience professionals and offer use of latest software and technology with your customized campaigns and projects to meet your specific needs and objectives within your budget.

However, make sure your outsourced digital enablement or marketing agency is Marketo partners to ensure you are provided marketing automation services at its best. Marketo is one of the most popular marketing automation software around the world, it helps you streamline your marketing efforts and business growth strategies to help you achieve more efficient and quicker results. A Marketo partners agency will also have you covered as you expand your business or your needs change.

For more on why your digital marketing agency should be a Marketo partner, continue reading for some killer benefits for how this particular marketing automation platform, Marketo, can help your business or company streamline their marketing and growth strategies for more productive, efficient and faster results.

Customization with Marketo partner

A Marketo partner agency will be able to provide you marketing automation solutions that are completely customized to your market needs, which will give you a free hand to approach your marketing strategy your own way. As long as, your business marketing campaigns as concerned, you will only have to deal with and see what you have signed in for and no other unwanted information.

The customization goes as deep as that you can even draft your very own customized agreement with Marketo, which will personalize to the uniqueness of your business.

Modular design of Marketo

To start with, the services of Marketo are designed in a modular system, which divides the Marketo services in 4 primary parts including marketing automation, consumer engagement, real-time personalization and marketing management.

The reason behind having their services divided into section is to bring ultimate convenience and personalized experience to its users. These four sections allow Marketo users to personalize the services they wish to pay for. One will only have to buy and pay for a single service or a combination of them that they need for their specific strategy or campaign.

Pricing diversity with Marketo partner

Without a doubt, Marketo is the ideal choose for a marketing automation software, due to the diverse pricing options it offers its users, which are most likely to fit into budgets of many different businesses. They also provide their users with a range of plans to go with each of their services, which allow them to pick a plan that works best for their own requirements. Moreover, if a client may wish, they can mix and match different plans to form a truly personalized plan for themselves.

Marketo charges their clients according to their specific needs for the complete marketing efforts that will be made and not on hourly basis for more productive results and as a way to support their clients better manage their budgets and expenses. This pricing diversity is really what make Marketo ideal as a marketing automation program more so for companies trying to handle a more restricted budget.

Integration with Marketo

Marketo and Salesforce are two of the most popular and preferred programs for marketing automation and they both are built on the same platform. This is why both of these programs integrate flawlessly together.

Therefore, if you plan on using both programs or you are thinking about shifting between the two, you can easily do so and at the same time you can keep the same data as well. The same data can work for Microsoft Dynamics and System Administrative Program (SAP) software.

Analytics with Marketo partner

Analytics services offered by Marketo partner agencies allow you to track your campaigns and have access to reports and data at all times. The analytics and reports give you valuable insights into your campaigns and its impact, which give you the ability to take more informed decisions and try to improve your business performance.

Success Path Analyzer in Marketo is a great example for how important the insights can be for your business, as it represents the relationship between your marketing strategies and the changes in revenue.

Customer service with Marketo

Adopting and implementing new software through a complete organization can be a time consuming and daunting task to comprehend. Making sure that every employee and stakeholder is at the same page and is able to work around the software require services of professional and experience consultants who can give each client the individual attention it requires. The training for implementation of the software provided by Marketo is really appreciated by their clients and make the process of moving to a new marketing automation software seem a rather easy and intuitive task.

Most Marketo partner agencies would offer you both virtual or personal guidance and the overall customer services, depending on your preference. Furthermore, other than that Marketo also provides a rather great customer support service and runs an active community for its clients, where they can stay in touch, share feedbacks and help each other with their campaigns and technical issues, if they may wish.


Conventional marketing methods do not bring the optimum results anymore, organizations need marketing automation platforms to streamline their efforts and avail maximum productivity, efficiency and results from their marketing efforts.

Therefore, these benefits help you understand and comprehend how Marketo, a marketing automation software, can help your business and marketing efforts be more productive, efficient, streamline and more result-orientated.

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