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Learn Why a Resume Is Important for an Employer

What is a resume?

A resume is a detailed document by an applicant who is in search of employment. This document provides the employer with an overview statement of a job applicant’s experiences over the years, educational information and career achievements etc.

In some cases, the resume information may include the applicant’s objective, area of concentration, skill sets, knowledge, certifications gained over years, and other information relevant to the coursework. This is why you need a resume sample to build your resume.

How a Resume works

A resume can be used in various ways. These include the following:

  1. A resume can be used by an applicant to apply for a job posted by an employer or perhaps used as a response to a job advertisement or request for applicants. In purview of what a resume entails, it is oftentimes accompanied with a customized letter which is called “Cover Letter”.
  2. ‎While a resume is important to acknowledging a potential job candidate, the importance cannot cancel out the need to file out an employment application to the job applicant perhaps at a later day. The information on the resume will serve as a resource personal information base to choose from as an employer.
  3. One of the major importance of resume on the part of the employer is that by virtue of the applicant’s resume, you as an employer will be able to disqualify candidates that are not up to the job requirements. In this, only the qualified will proceed to the next stage of employment process. This also saves time and increase productivity rate.
  4. ‎While a resume can be used to weed out unqualified candidates, it can also serve as a medium to select candidates that are best for the job. This can be achieved during to the fact that the resume contains information vital to the coursework. Moreover, experienced and qualified candidates always includes some features like a cover letter that gives detailed information about the post the applicant is aspiring for. This will help you as the potential employer to quickly make consideration whether that are qualified for the job.
  5. A well written resume should be able to convey immediately the applicant’s suitability and compatibility for the job interview which is why you need a resume sample. So, as an employer a resume relieves you of many stress.

Applicants Resume Formats

Resumes are written and crafted in view of the strength, experience of the applicant and oftentimes personal circumstances. In such cases, the resume information varies from one applicant to the other but there are resume samples that can be adhered to. Let’s take a peek at the two types of resume formats;

  1. Functional Resume:

A functional resume allows an applicant to mention and put into writing any gap in employment or other unusual circumstances that occurred in their employment or educational history. In this light, an employer will be right to interpret a functional resume with concern. In a functional resume, the applicant states all the educational and employment history in a detailed format. Meanwhile, you can just get a resume sample to guide you.

  1. ‎ Targeted Resume

A targeted resume includes the applicant’s work experience, educational achievements, this is in order to demonstrate the suitability and compatibility to the job requirements. The targeted resume is mainly recommended for certain job applications. Although time consuming, it is always detailed and well explained. Besides, resume sample tailored to different jobs can be gotten as well.

Umar Bajwa
Umar Bajwa
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