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When Do You Need a Family Law Attorney?

It is said that family is an anchor during rough waters. But what happens when you find yourself in the rough waters due to a member of your family? Instead of suffering the pain and the distress all by yourself, you need to seek legal redress. This is where the family law can be of immense help for you. In this article, we tell you when and why you need to consult a family law attorney.

Circumstances under which a family law attorney can help you

Families sometimes go through various kinds of disputes. Many of these disputes often get settled without the involvement of any external party. But sometimes the involvement of the law becomes necessary to settle certain issues. Some of the major cases in which a family law attorney can help you out are:

  • Domestic violence: If you are a victim of domestic violence, you can get protection through law.
  • Divorce: A divorce is not just about the separation of two individuals, it is also about the division of many things such as child custody, property, etc. An experienced lawyer can help you out with the settlement of such issues legally.
  • Alimony: Spousal support or alimony is a common part of most divorces. In it, one spouse makes monetary payments to the other after the divorce. An attorney can be the best person to represent your case and help you to get alimony.
  • Child support: An attorney will be able to establish the financial payments that one parent has to make to another for taking care of the child’s needs and proper upbringing.

Apart from such scenarios, a family law attorney can also help you out with many other cases where no dispute may be involved. These include but not limited to:

  • Adoption: If you want to adopt a child, you need to follow certain rules and legalities. A lawyer can help you with the adoption procedure.
  • Wills and trusts: When you want to create a will or trust regarding your finances or properties, an attorney can help you out with the legal formalities.
  • Property division: In the case of the breakdown of your marriage, an attorney can help you out with the division of matrimonial property.

Why do you need to consult an attorney?

You need to consult a lawyer for the following reasons:

  • An attorney can tell you whether you have a reasonable position in a settlement dispute
  • An attorney can help you to understand the various legal aspects of your case
  • An attorney is aware of the legal procedures involved in such cases
  • An attorney can tell you about the options that you haven’t considered yet
  • An attorney can help you to settle your case
  • An attorney can help you out with the legal paperwork
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