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What You Need to Know About Making a Personal Injury Claim

It is often said that you don’t meet people by accident. There’s always a reason behind it. But if you meet with an accident, that is enough reason for you to get in touch with a lawyer and make a personal injury claim. However, before you start navigating the route to making your compensation claim, you must be aware of a few things first as outlined below:

On what grounds can you make a personal injury claim?

There may be various ways in which you can suffer an injury, leading to your pursuing a claim. Some of the grounds for making claims include the following:

  • Accidents on the road caused by a cyclist, motorcyclist, driver of a car or a commercial, vehicle, etc.
  • Injuries at the workplace
  • Injuries caused by defective goods or faulty services
  • Negligence in medical treatment
  • A slip or a fall in a public place
  • Accidents involving pets or other animals
  • Injuries resulting from attacks or assaults

How much can you claim for your injury?

The value of your personal injury claim depends on the severity of your injuries and the physical, mental, and/or financial damages suffered by you. It can be a challenging task for you to calculate how much your claim is worth. An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to assess your case and determine the accurate worth of your claim.

How can a case for personal injury claim be resolved?

There are two ways through which a case for personal injury claim can be resolved. They are:

  • Informal settlement: Informal settlement happens when the case is resolved out of court among the parties involved, their insurers, and their attorneys. The settlement involves negotiation and a written agreement in which both sides declare that no further legal action will be taken regarding the case. The matter is resolved by paying the victim a certain amount of money that is acceptable to both the sides.
  • Formal lawsuit: If no negotiation takes place or any attempt to resolve the case informally fails, the victim can file a formal lawsuit against the person, company, or government agency responsible for the injury or accident and seek justice in a court of law.

When should you contact an attorney for making a claim?

It is best to reach out to an attorney for making a claim as soon as possible. One of the major advantages of consulting an attorney early in the case is that if any witness or evidence is required for establishing your claim, your attorney will be able to do so easily.

Making a personal injury claim can turn out to be a simple matter if you have an experienced attorney to handle your case.

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