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The 411 on Business Intellectual Property Rights

aintaining your valuable intellectual property, such as brand names and product creations, is often confusing and expensive. Here is the way to safeguard your intellectual property easily and inexpensively.

Your business’s non-physical assets like trade secrets, logos, and production techniques are sometimes more valuable than your physical items, such as property and merchandise. Never is this truer than for digital companies like software companies, e-commerce shops, blogs, and websites.

In years past it was pricey and took a very long time to lawfully protect intellectual property. Nowadays entrepreneurs and business owners may defend these ideas, and design quickly and inexpensively using legal solutions like my recommendation of LegalZoom. Read my review of and get a discount coupon.

Here is what you, as a company owner, should be aware of concerning IP (Intellectual Property) and the way to acquire protection.


Symbols and words, like your business logo, names of products or businesses, and phrases, like trademarks or taglines, can be trademarked since they’re your brand and differentiate your goods within the marketplace as opposed to your competitor’s products.

While trademarks do not need to be officially registered with the USPTO (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office). It’s advised to safeguard your business’s profitability to go ahead and apply for trademark registration. Common law rights permit you to simply add the trademark emblem, a little TM, beside the words or graphics. However, this security is weak and might not stand up in court. If another company starts using your titles or logo, only if you have officially registered your trademark, are you likely to acquire an infringement suit and recover compensation. This is particularly true for digital businesses due to the proliferation of electronic offenses, such as that of registering confusingly similar domains.

Take note that your small business formation title, whether Corporation or LLC, isn’t a trademark. It merely protects that company name in the state of incorporation. Thus businesses in different nations can use your name legally if it isn’t trademark registered nationwide.

To protect your business name, you want to complete and submit an application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, or possess an expert online legal company, for example, my recommendation LegalZoom, take action for you. Application fees are approximately $350. As soon as you submit your finished signature, it’ll take around six weeks to a year to get your final approval.

Be wise and carry out a thorough trademark search before starting your application procedure to be sure your preferred name isn’t trademarked and is readily available for enrollment.


Original works of authorship are copyright protected. For electronic companies, this means site text, advertising materials, such as emails newsletters and a few kinds of computer program code.

Common law claims that if something is created, composed, picture, drawn or performed the artist owns the copyright and may include the C, copyright emblem. and the words “all rights reserved”.

As is true with trademarks, which we discussed previously, writers gain increased security by officially registering their copyright lawfully. If someone uses your art, you can sue for breach of copyright and the copyright registration is the public record of your possession.

To register your copyright, apply right to the US copyright office or hire legal filing services to prepare and submit. Copyright registration is comparatively straightforward and reasonably priced.


The purpose of patents is to provide inventors exclusive duplication and sales rights for a particular number of years. Patents protect physical things and may incorporate applications, product design, along with other manufacturing creations.

Before you think about applying for a patent. Answer these concerns, which would be the patents office standards for awarding patents:

  1. Is your product or product thought truly unique?
  2. Might it be useful?
  3. Is it not clear to others within your industry?

Patent registration with the US government expands your legal rights to stop anyone else from manufacturing or marketing your creation. Moreover, you may add the expression “patented technology” or even “patent-pending” (with a provisional patent) to your goods and on your site. Additionally, patents possess excellent value for your business and are saleable assets.

For complicated creations obtaining a patent may take several years and tens of thousands of dollars. But most business creations are rather straightforward and can be shielded using quick and economical online legal services like

Timing is crucial for the patent program since it determines your date of ownership. As soon as you file your application with all the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, then you’re issued the priority date. If afterward your competitor starts producing similar things then they’ve infringed upon your patent – and you’re able to take legal steps to prevent them.

Sometimes your merchandise is at the prototype phase and not yet commercially producible, or your product has undergone many alterations and can be rather different than your initial invention. To safeguard your product in these types of scenarios, the patent office suggests a provisional patent procedure. This patent product is an easy, low-cost application which permits you to be secure for 12 months from the application. During this year you’ll want to submit a complete patent application to be given the exclusive production and purchase rights.

Frequently asked questions regarding intellectual property rights

What are trade secrets and are they secure?

Potentially the most well-known trade secret is that the formula for Coca-Cola. Trade secrets should be kept confidential and be controlled to keep their security. In reality, to use the trade secret security you want to get a formal written program, demonstrating how you’re keeping this info secretive.

Trade secrets can be procedures, tools, patterns, practices, and compilations of information which wouldn’t usually be understood by other people that provide an economic edge over rivals. Other conditions for trade secrets contain confidential info or classified information.

Legal defense incorporates nondisclosure agreements (NDA), work for hire, and non-compete exemptions for almost any personnel that might be granted the trade secrets. The majority of companies will also need similar nondisclosure agreements with vendors, board members, and providers.

Trade secrets are protected forever and thus are much more precious than patent protection and other federally registered intellectual property rights that have limited length.

What’s the distinction between a utility and design patent?

There are two (two) primary kinds of US registered patents for the industry– Design and Utility.  The only other type of patent is for growing plants. The most frequent kind of patent is the utility patent that’s used to protect inventions. But, on occasion, a design patent may be utilized to defend the distinctive inventions design more satisfactorily.

Utility patents are made to defend the operational elements of your creations. The patent protects the way in which the invention is used and works.

Design patents protect how the product appears. Including the decorative ornamental look of the merchandise and its form and configuration shape or both.

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