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The Importance Road Safety and Law Awareness

While several measures are being taken to reduce the road fatalities and crashes each year, the number of injuries sustained in road accidents is on the rise in the last 2 decades. More awareness of general road safety rules can save several lives and drastically reduce the accident rate. If you’ve been involved in a road crash of some kind, you need to be aware of the aftermath.

What to do after an accident:

In cases where personal harm is caused to you or others involved in the accident, you’ll require legal representation to raise an accident compensation claim towards the injury and damages. Law Advice local lawyers are experts in personal injury claim cases and their legal advice can guide you towards negotiating a good settlement amount for damages caused to you. And do not fret about the insurance claim and legal fees. With their ‘No Win, No Fee’ policy, you will be charged only if you win the case.

In case of no injuries:

  • Check the extent of the damages to your vehicle, take several photos and videos for use as evidence in the future.
  • Let your family know that you’re safe and update them of the situation.
  • Avoid confrontation and discussion about the incident with the other party.
  • Take the other party’s contact information.
  • If there are any witnesses around, note their contact details for the future.
  • Note the time and place of the incident.
  • Inform your insurance agency about the damages at the earliest.

In case of any injuries:

  • Assess the extent of harm and treat it accordingly. Call an ambulance and the police, depending on the severity of the injuries.
  • Check on the other party to see if they are injured and follow the same safety checks.
  • If you’re injured, seek help from anyone present in the area. The Good Samaritan laws protect witnesses and bystanders from any liability in such cases.
  • Get a police report and a doctor’s certificate of the diagnosis to present as proof.
  • If neither party is at fault, a No-Fault Liability can be issued in this case.
  • In case of a hit and run, try to take a photo or video of the vehicle and its number plate and immediately note the colour, model and type of the vehicle; the time and place of the incident and any other details you can recall. Inform the police right away.

Motor accidents can result in life-altering, permanently disabling injuries and in some cases, unfortunate fatalities. Speeding is the primary cause of deaths in road accidents. Make sure you follow road safety regulations at all times. While these rules are commonly known to everyone, very few people actually implement them with due vigilance and seriousness.

General road safety measures to follow:

  • Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Never use your phone or any other handheld device while driving
  • Do not be impulsive, aggressive and susceptible to road rage
  • Have your vehicle insurance papers in order
  • Keep your license and registration with you
  • Stick to your lane and within speed limits
  • Find out and obey the traffic rules of the place you’re at
  • Wear helmets, seat belts and other safety gear suitable for your vehicle type
  • Keep a first-aid kit in your vehicle
  • Save your emergency contact details on your phone

Whether you require domestic care and medical assistance; compensation for your treatment; loss of income; pain and suffering caused by the accident to you and your family; or for the financial, social, and psychological distress you have suffered; a good solicitor can get you the compensation you deserve.

Mitchell Adams
Mitchell Adams
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