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How Time Card Calculator Works?

A time card calculator is a device that aid in recording the employee or contractor work hours. It is also useful for many other professionals that work on hourly rates such as self-employed people, housekeepers, freelancers (programmers, photographers, designers, and writers) and much more.

Time card calculator is been designed to add up hours and provide the best guidance for the estimation of time. By using this device, you can add up as many days and weeks as you desire, you can also check the total and the grand total it has summed up to be.

Despite the fact that you can access your timesheets through your time card calculator, you should be careful not to rely totally on time card calculator for your payroll or financial data. It is also very advisable to download or print your result because some time card calculator doesn’t automatically save your data.

Some General features of the Time Card Calculator include:

  • The rounding of times automatically.
  • The subtraction of break times automatically.
  • It Converts directly from decimal hours to seconds/minutes/hours and back depends on your requirement.
  • It also adds up and subtracts military times.

Most business organizations, direct their employees to their weekly time reports through a time card calculator to assist in company payroll activities in the long run. Simply use the steps below to learn how the time card calculator works.

Step 1

Type in integers that are informed of the time you desire to enter. Try this example; 315 for a time of 3:15. You do not have to type in any dot (‘.‘ or ‘:‘)


Click on [Tab] or press [Next] through the time entry fields.

Type in single integers from the digit of 1 through 12 in form of 1:00 through 12:00 digit in the calculator! The calculator will automatically set it the time as 100 through 1200 (on 12-hour clock).


If you don’t want any breaks or lunch?  Simply input/enter In and Out in One period.


Do you desire to “Save” one day at a time?  Simply Enter today, click on Calculate / save, your time keeps ticking even when you come back. Always ensure to allow cookies to save data while using your time card calculator online.

If this doesn’t work, check if your browser setting and allows cookies.

You can always choose to change your time card settings under your preferences as it is now highly customizable. The time clock calculator is very effective as it does remember your data every hour, every day, and every week. You can always come can to input the next day/week of time you desire, or still chose to reuse your normal weekly time card.

Let’s consider the normal way employees use their Time Card Calculations

  • Input the morning start time and then click
  • Input the morning end time and then click
  • Input the afternoon start time and then click
  • Input the afternoon end time and then click OUT.
  • To find the day total, simply click on Employee Hours

Repeat the following from point 1-5 for daily as an employee to calculate your work hour rightfully.

Despite the manual time card calculator you can also use free online time clock calculators.

Top 3 Free Online Time Card Calculators

RedCort Software

Redcort Software offers a free online time card calculator that allows you to calculate weekly timecard hours in decimal format for payroll. Printing option is also available for to print your time sheets.

Redcort Time Card Calculator

Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch added a new time clock calculator with breaks. You can calculate;

  • Gross Pay by filling in an hourly rate.
  • Calculate 14 days of time by clicking on the 14-day option.
  • Include overtime pay in the total calculations.


Fill-in the start and end times for each day

Click on “Calculate” button to get your totals

Click on “Print” to print your time sheets.

buddy punch time cardTimeClockWizard

Time Card Calculator by TimeClockWizard allows you calculate your time worked at the office. After filling in any start or stop times for your employees enter in any lunch or break deductions. The free time card calculator will create a time sheet report with totals for your daily and weekly work hours.

timeclockwizard time calculator


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