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Time Clock Wizard Vs Buddy Punch

Today, everything we do needs time tracking to increase the pace with achieving our goals. However, there are various types of time trackers and software that aid with full support in every business organization, educational institution, industries, and much more. With all this in mind, we want to take you through the two that we are familiar with and that is the “Time Clock Wizard Vs Buddy Punch”. These two enhances our project, reports, and payrolls as they offer us a legitimate and authentic update with full accuracy. Therefore read carefully as we take you through with our detailed research.

Time Clock Wizard

Time Clock Wizard offers the outstanding service that has an online employee scheduling and time clock software freely. It also has some extra features which include timesheet requests, email and text message schedules, advanced employee scheduling, shift switch requests, payroll views, overtime rates, payroll generation, reporting, and more.

time clock wizard

Time Clock Wizard will enable you to manage your employees with ease. Managing a large number of employees online is not an easy task and can make you lose focus at times. However, there have been lots of feedbacks and testimonies from many business organizations as Time Clock Wizard has helped in spending lesser time managing their schedules, absences, timekeeping, and payroll.

Some business organization/companies usually hire a professional or buy software to keep track of their employees’ work hours and payroll till this software came to their aid. Time Clock Wizard covers everything that is needed better and faster.  The best thing you get to enjoy is that it is Originally Full-Featured and it’s totally a FREE Online Time Clock! There is no need to spend extra money and time in running your business effectively!

Using the Time Clock wizard is a brilliant way to manage Employees as it offers true functionality as they clock-in or clock-out, break-in or break-out, and organize their payroll and other information needed.

Buddy Punch

For years people have this intimacy with clocks hanging in offices, industries, fast food restaurants, many retail locations and so on till our digital era; things are made easy as every tool is been enhanced for its best usage and that is where Buddy Punch comes in and eliminates traditional time clocks for the best.

buddy punch

Every moment an employee punches in or punches out, the business organization gets the record with the history of every transaction. Buddy punch time clock software was built to automate the process of employee clock in and clock out every day, and also enable them to complete their projects using their own mobile devices that have the software installed in it.

Furthermore, Buddy Punch is a strong time clock software and application that employers, employees, and every business organization needs to track their time cards and access it online through a web browser. If any employee also needs to take some time off work such as vacation, sick time, or a personal time off they tend to use Buddy Punch.  This request is been made through their time card on the software. Your Buddy Punch can be scheduled to require your approval and you can also approve it automatically. It also introduced a new free online time card calculator with breaks that helps to calculate the hours of working with ease.

The Verdict

The Time Clock Wizard Vs Buddy Punch are both created to monitor time worked at many business locations, cut down on the amount of time spent on computing hours, and running payroll. The main idea is to trim friction and make its usage as simple as possible for the end user. Nevertheless, as we have gathered the detailed information about them above, making your choice on which suit you best is what matters.

Umar Bajwa
Umar Bajwa
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