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Top Cities to Live and Work Around the World

Although it is a big step in anyone’s life, sometimes to progress in your career you need to move away. Living in the same city your whole life isn’t for everyone, some people want to explore the world and create memories whilst progressing in their careers. If you’re lucky enough to be able to pick which city you move to with your career, here are 5 perfect places to move to and all have different reasons to consider them as your next stop in life.


Known as the city of love and romance, Paris has many iconic landmarks to see and you’ll never get tired of viewing them daily. Paris is a great place to work because of its title in the financial sector, it offers a lot of career progression and is a friendly place to work. In your free time, there is an abundance of places to see, eat and drink at and is inspirational for people looking for cultural cities open to anything. Although Paris sounds perfect, with high rents and average wages this might sway people elsewhere with the career in mind.


One of the fastest growing cities around the world, wealth and luxury are renowned in Dubai and everywhere you venture you will see how rich the city truly is. Job opportunities are available everywhere in Dubai in a lot of different sectors, and with high paying wages it’s a hard choice to ignore. Famous for the frequency of hotels, fast cars and yachts Dubai is a warm modern place to live with the most advanced architecture in the world. The main consideration with Dubai is law is very different and stricter in most ways so considering this further will be advised.

Hong Kong

With low levels of crime, Hong Kong is an amazing place to move to, it is the dominant city in the Chinese economy that is only growing. International business all want offices in Hong Kong and advertise the career opportunities around the world to entice people to move here. Being in Hong Kong will give you a truly busy city life with a skyline that can only be described as a concrete jungle. Hong Kong down has few downsides, the climate is very humid but people do acclimatize after around 30 days and it is an expensive place to live.


Potentially the most historic city in the world, there’s a story behind every part of this city and people love living here. London offers jobs in every career imaginable and high wages to go with them, because of the ease of British Naturalisation all these benefits are available to internationals also. After Brexit, the application for acquiring a UK Visa is set to become much more difficult, so it’s always best to make sure that you do your research before you apply! With the history comes the beauty of the city can London’s keeps to its historical look amazingly. There’s always something new to do in London and it’s a home to every culture to make everyone feel like they’ve found a home. There are multinational companies such as thyssenkrupp, HP, IBM to name a few, who have offices with hundreds of employees in London.

San Francisco

Receiving high scores in cities to live and work it’s hard to ignore San Fran. It has the sun, friendly people and beautiful places to visit San Fan is a great place to move to which doesn’t offer a language barrier. San Fran, it’s also beneficial to live here because most cities in California are local to each other so you can reap the benefits of a lot more than one city. And with a world-famous coastline, it’ll be hard not to visit the neighbors.  

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