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Top Three Questions You Can Expect in a Healthcare Interview

Healthcare interviews are mostly aimed to understand three qualities of an applicant – knowledge, personality and career objective. Your job as an interviewee is to show that your profile ticks all the three check boxes perfectly. And if you are unsure on how to handle interview questions, then read on.


These questions are designed to test whether you have the requisite knowledge and skills for the position you have applied for. Remember to keep your answers to the point. Avoid giving elongated, complex answers since this is something the interviewer might see as an indication of your inability to think in a simple, direct manner. The way you perform on these set of questions will be a guide to judging whether you’re a qualified and knowledgeable applicant. And that is the exact sort of impression you must try to create.


Such questions are aimed at analyzing whether you have the personality to fulfill the responsibility the job entails. For example, if you are applying for the post of a manager of a healthcare company, the interviewer may ask questions like, “Tell us what was the most difficult decision you have made in the previous job?” Every answer you give to such questions should make them feel that you are the best person to manage their company.

Remember to never talk highly of yourself in such situations. It can be easy to get carried away when describing how you managed to solve big problems at your previous company. Instead, speak of the events in a neutral manner, and focus on how everyone else in the company contributed to helping you solve the issue. This will show the interviewers that you are a person who can appreciate the contribution of team members and not someone who is immersed in their own pride.


Career focused questions are used to judge how much of a visionary you are. An example of such a question will be – “Where do you see yourself in three years?” At Principal People, we tend to see that most interviewees are unable to take full advantage of these questions. And, we have a simple advice – give an answer that reflects benefits for both you and the company.

So, instead of answering that you will be the manager of the company, answer that you aim to win the “Best Healthcare Service Provider” (or something similar) for the company in the capacity of a manager. While the first answer only focuses on you benefiting from the company, the second answer reveals to the interviewer that you plan to take the company to greater heights. And, this is an attitude that interviewers totally appreciate.

Keep in mind the above tips when preparing for the interview and you should have no problem in passing it successfully. Just remember to be humble, but firm in your convictions when you speak.

Umar Bajwa
Umar Bajwa
Umar Bajwa is a digital marketer by profession and a blogger by passion. He thrives on staying updated on topics related to the Business, Finance and HR realm.
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