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Use Voice Platform Technology to Grow your Business!

Although still in its infancy, voice technology is catching on quickly with both consumers and businesses. For business owners, voice platforms such as Alexa and Siri can ease the way they do business. Many technology companies are redesigning their products to be compatible with voice technology and more in line with artificial intelligence.

Here are the top 5 ways voice technology is helping companies grow.


Rather than spend all that time reading, typing and sifting through a mass of unread emails, use voice technology to do that for you. You can ask your voice assistant to read your unread or recent messages. Have it write back to your client much faster with your voice. The time benefits are huge using your voice rather than your hands.

Phone Calls

Making a call may not be your first option nowadays, however, in some situations, a phone call may be your only option. It’s easy to use a voice assistant and ask it to “Call Mike at ABC company.” You are able to make calls much faster than scrolling through your phonebook.

Booking Your Travel

For some, traveling is most of what they do for their business. So using a voice platform to book your hotel, car, and confirm your flight can save a lot of time and frustration. Picture walking around your office getting ready for your upcoming trip and forgetting what time your flight is, what hotel you’re at and what car rental company you booked with. With a quick command, you can know all of that in less than a minute.

Reminders, Appointments and More

Quickly create notes, appointments, and alerts for as many things as you need to fast. Sometimes random ideas or to-do items pop into our head fast and can leave just as fast. Say you are driving and you remember you have to pick up snacks for the office, or set up a call for a client. Even further, let’s say your driving while all these things come to mind. Use your voice assistant built into your car so you can stay safe and never forget those thoughts.


Need to check your bank account? Your company’s current financials? How about paying a client or vendor? Easily speak it to your voice assistant and it is instantaneously done. No logging on to your bank website, opening up Venmo or anything time-consuming. Use your voice quickly to accomplish what you need.

The benefits of voice technology far outweigh the cons when it comes to voice platforms. We are all looking to save time. Saving time on boring, tedious tasks gives us time back to spend on important things such as growing our business, spending time with family, traveling, bonding with co-workers and many other things. When you are considering starting a business or growing your current business and looking for time efficiency, consider adding a voice platform to your office.

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