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Creating the Right Impression: What Your Business Frontage Says About Your Company

No matter what kind of products or services a company provides, its important for business owners to make a good first impression. That means creating a business frontage that is not only on-brand but also speaks to the company’s values. Read on to find out about a few basic steps just about any store, restaurant, or service provider can take to create a better first impression.

Clean It Up

If the building facade is dirty and the sidewalks are littered with stains and trash, that’s just not going to make a very good impression on potential customers or clients. The easiest way for business owners to remedy this problem is to enlist the help of pressure washing services that can periodically clean not just the facade but also the sidewalks in front of the building.

Periodic pressure washing gets rid of stains, removes mold and mildew, and protects the building’s paint or masonry from premature deterioration. It’s a cost-efficient way to create a better first impression and help draw in new customers or clients.

Stylish Signs

No one is going to patronize a commercial building that doesn’t have adequate signage. A good sign will be simple and eye-catching, not cluttered. It should feature the company’s name, and possibly its logo, but not much else. Businesses located in out-of-the-way places should make sure their signs are large enough to read from the road, and those open at night should consider lighted signs.

While it’s important to keep the company’s street frontage signage simple, there’s nothing wrong with putting up additional promotional signs in the windows or parking lot. Just make sure they’re well-designed and on-brand.

Staying On-Brand

The best way to increase a business’s customer or client base is to improve brand recognition. Well-designed building frontage makes that easier by incorporating not just the company’s logo, but also its colors and, indirectly, its values. Keeping the premises clean and putting up a well-designed sign will go a long way toward getting properties on-brand, but business owners may want to go one step further. Those who can do so should consider incorporating the brand’s color scheme into the building facade by repainting or adding colored awnings, as well.

Landscaping Improvements

Business owners who rent commercial properties may be limited in terms of what they can do to improve the landscape surrounding their stores, so they should check their lease agreements before calling around to hire a professional. Business frontages found in crowded districts may also have limited options, but they may be able to find solutions that fit their local ordinances. Try installing planers or putting seating in front of the building to make it look more inviting.

Those who own properties far from city centers have much more leeway. They can hire landscape designers to install everything from flower beds to fountains. Just make sure to sign a service agreement, since new landscaping and hardscaping features will need to be maintained to keep them looking their best.

The Bottom Line

A company’s business frontage provides customers or clients with a first impression. If the facade is well-designed, on-brand, clean, and beautiful, it will be easier to get customers through the door. Business owners should prioritize facade improvements and hire professionals like pressure washers, landscapers, and designers to help them create a perfect first impression.

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