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Why You Should Celebrate New Year’s Eve on a Cruise

Ah, New Year’s, easily one of the most hyped up, crazy and expensive nights of the year. This major event can leave you a little flummoxed, go out and spend your money, struggle to get home and feel exhausted, or stay in and feel like you’re missing out on all the fun, not a great choice to make. But what if you could compromise on a good time, comfort, rest and stress levels? That’s right, by investing in a once in a lifetime opportunity you could literally experience the mystical notion of a perfect New Year’s. Here’s just how spending New Year’s Eve on a cruise will make your night amazing:

The view

This is needless to say but eternally valid, the view that you’re going to get is to die for. The main thing that you go out for in Sydney on New Year’s is undoubtedly the fireworks, and often the struggle to see them is a very real one. Save yourself the hassle of hauling yourself to your picnic spot about 8 hours early and hop on a boat! You’ll be planted smack bang in the middle of the harbour with incredible views of the bridge and the Opera House, what more could you possibly ask for? You’ll get to enjoy both the family fireworks and the main event with a perfect, and comfortable view!

You’ll beat the rush

Grabbing a taxi, uber, train or bus home on New Year’s Eve in the city has quite literally never, ever been simple – until now! You will miss the massive rush that hits just about everyone, docking around 1 or 2 am, and getting home just fine! A cruise just takes all the fuss out of properly celebrating New Year’s!

It’s a night to remember

Of course, your previous New Year’s line up probably has some winners in it, but none quite like this one! A night out on Sydney Harbour will be remembered forever. Enjoy music, drinks, dancing and food all under the incredible glow of the fireworks. Your unobstructed view also means that you’ll be able to snap out of this world photos and videos that will remind you of your most incredible New Year’s Eve yet.

Avoid new year’s disappointment!

Your expectations are probably never flying as high as they are on New Year’s. There is so much pressure to have the most amazingly fun, romantic, crazy and memorable night of the year that our hopes are often not met and our enjoyment of the evening itself falls short. Well, say goodbye to the New Year’s blues out on a ferry with your loved ones, living your best life. There is no way that the amazing view, luxurious experience and a noticeable lack of stress will leave you feeling short drawn.

Know what you’re paying

It’s true, spending the night on a luxe ship is going to cost you a pretty penny, however, you’ll know exactly how much you’re going to be spending. On a regular New Year’s night on the town, you’re paying for entry, drinks, and dinner. If you’re heading to a picnic you’re forking out for a spread and all your drinks, and this is even more so when you’re hosting people over at your place. Buying a ticket on a boat gives you food, drinks, dancing and an amazing experience all in one place!

A New Year’s Eve Sydney cruise is going to stay with you forever! Book your tickets early to secure your spot for the best view in the world this year!

Umar Bajwa
Umar Bajwa
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